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yes you could be pregnant, best bet is to see your doctor

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Yes it is possible to get pregnant with an irregular cycle.

It is possible to be pregnant and the test negative, but not likely.

You are probably having an irregular cycle or there is a chance that you could still be pregnant. You should see a Dr as soon as possible.

its possible to be pregnant or stressed out or even having irregular periods. see your doctor.

Yes it is possible to skip a period and still not be pregnant. You might be irregular or it just want your time yet...

it's possible to be pregnant with a negative pregnancy test. it can be a fault negative.

If you have had your periods and a negative result, it is unlikely that you are pregnant

Yes it is possible. Only for-sure way to know if your pregnant is a blood test. But also its rare when a urine test says negative when it is positive.

Yes. It is possible to have a period even if you are pregnant. Some signs of pregnancy are spotting and lack of/irregular menstrual cycles.

Yes. There are several things that can make you miss a period...stress, hormonal imbalance or irregular cycles. See your doctor if you think it is possible you may be pregnant.

It is possible but does not happen often. Its more likely to happen to a girl who's periods are irregular.

No that is not possible no matter what the test will tell you if your pregnant or not.

Yes you may be pregnant but if the tests were negative then your probably having irregular periods.

yes, if you just got you're period then it can be irregular. If you did just get it and it is changing now, I would go to a doctor if it is really irregular.

It is possible to have a small amount of bleeding each month and still be pregnant, but it would be unusual to have that combined with negative pregnancy tests as well. I'd say you wouldn't be pregnant.

If you are still having periods and the tests have proved negative then you are not pregnant. What you should do is in future take more care with your contraception.

Yes. Because of irregular periods it may be harder to date a pregnancy. Cysts are very common and do not always prevent pregnancies from occurring.

It is not common to get a false negative on a pregnancy test but is possible. It is best to go to your doctor in these instances.

Always possible but it's normal for some girls to have irregular periods.

yes, its possible that you can be if your periods has always been irregular they often still longer if you but that's how you know.

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