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Yes. The latest medical research shows that 10% of the time all women actually ovulate twice in a cycle. It is very possible you ovulated twice during your cycle and had cervical mucus.

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Q: Is it possible to have cervical mucus on two different occasions within a 40-day period?
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Can cervical cancer prevent you from getting a period?


Can you still have the cervical cancer jab if your on your period?

yes you can

Does a cervical cancer jab affect your period?

No, it shouldn't.

Is the bleeding different in a period during pregnancy?

You probably won't have a period during pregnancy. It will more than likely by implantion bleeding, a cervical change that causes vaginal bleeding or a miscarriage.

Is it normal to have cervical mucus everyday and not just before your period?

Yes. You have cervical mucus everyday and it also changes everyday.

Can you have cervical mucus on the pill?

I was wondering the same thing. I've been on otrtho tricylen for 2yrs. I think it is possible because I have "normal" or "common" changes in my cervical mucus as well. During the second week after my period it is very thin and clear but a couple days before my period it gets thicker. I believe I am ovulating on the pill. If this is anything like what you've experienced I think it's possible. . If you're taking a combination pill which consists of estrogen and progesterone, it can thicken the cervical mucus, further preventing your chances of pregnancy.

What is your cervical mucus suppose to be like before period?


No cervical mucus just before period means not pregnant?

no true

Are you supposed to have a lot of white cervical mucus when your period is late i never noticed this before?

No. This CM (cervical mucus) can be indication of pregnancy or Ovulation.

How long was Pierre Trudeau the Prime Minister of Canada?

Pierre Trudeau was Prime Minister on different occasions, non consecutively, for a period of about 17 years.

Snot like Cervical fluid that is yellow and your period is 3 days late can you be pregnant?

Yellow cervical mucous is caused by high progesterone in the luteal phase. That, combined with a late menstrual period, could mean pregnanccy.

If you have cervical cancer do you still get your period?

You can. But sometimes patients do not. A classic sign of cervical cancer is uncontrolled/abnormal uterine bleeding. That means the patient would not know if they are having their period or not due to the fact they have constant uterine bleeding.

How long after having snot like mucus does your period appear?

The snot like mucus is called the cervical mucus. If a woman has a 28 day cycle, then her period will normal start 14 days after the cervical mucus appears.

What is the correct punctuation for this sentence The exception is if the cervix is sticky then suspect pregnancy and deposit semen mid-cervical?

I would only put a period at the end.

Can cervical erosion stop you getting pregnant?

this depends if the walls of the uterus can still produce the endometrium (soft spongy layer whech is shedded during a period) if it can and to a substantial thickness then yes pregnancy is possible

Could you be pregnant if you got your period but it was only 3-4 days long and its normally 6 days long and then you got cervical mucus right after your period and noramally you get it 10 days after?

i don't think you need to worry as long as you got your period. how long your period is and the cervical mucus can vary depending on a lot of factors.

Can you end up peregnet on your period?

No, you cannot get pregnant during menstruation as there is no egg present to fertilise. However it is possible to get pregnant as a result of sex during your period as you may have fertile cervical mucus present which can keep sperm alive up to a week, by which time you may ovulate.

Is pregnancy possible a day after period ends?

It is even possible to get pregnant on your period.


InformationThe cervix is the lower end of the uterus. It is located at the top of the vaginaand is about one inch long. The cervical canal passes through the cervix, allowing blood from a menstrual period and a baby (fetus) to pass from the womb (uterus) into the vagina.The cervical canal also allows sperm to pass from the vagina into the uterus.Related topics:Cervical cancerCervical biopsyCervical inflammationCervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN)Cervical polypsCervical pregnancyCervical conizationCervical dysplasiaPAP smearD and C

Can a girls get pregnant on her period?

No, a woman cannot get pregnant on her period as there is no egg present to fertilize. It is however possible to get pregnant as a result of sex during menstruation, if the womans cycle is short there may be fertile cervical mucus present during menstruation and thus sperm may survive long enough to still be around if she ovulate after her period.

Can cervical cancer stop your period?

Cervical cancer can cause many irregularities in the menstural cycle from heavy periods to extremely light periods. So I would say that it probably could. Abnormal periods is not the only symptom of cervical cancer.. Also remember that there are many other reasons that could stop a period such as your diet, exercise, and hormone changes.. (and the obvious one, pregnancy)

Can you get pregnant during the last day of your period?

Yes, you can, it is possible, but there is a low chance. Everyones different so it depends on your body Depending on the length of your cycle it is possible.

Is it possible to get pregnant without getting your period?

Yes, it is possible. A woman can only get pregnant during her fertile phase - when she ovulates, and about a week prior to ovulation when there is fertile quality cervical mucus present - this occurs between 2-3 weeks before menstruation. So you would ovulate before getting your first period, thus could get pregnant before your periods start.

Is it possible to get pregnant 18 days after period?

Yes it is possible to be pregnant after your period. In all honesty, as long as you have your period, it is possible for you to get pregnant as getting your period means that your female egg cells are circulating and are at work.

You get a period and not ovulate?

yes it is possible. Your periods are a cleansing. Ovulation is different. Please talk to your gyn. I never ovulated.