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Is it possible to have cramps and bleeding while pregnant?

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It's possible but not very likely. If you just became pregnant there can be spotting in the beginning, and cramps isn't too unusual. If you have been pregnant for a little while now I suggest seeing an OBGYN right away.

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You need to go see you doctor as soon as possible. If you can not get in soon go to the Emergency Room. Those are not symptoms to mess around with.

No, any cramps or bleeding while pregnant is abnormal and usually the sign of a miscarriage. If this occurs during a pregnancy go to the hospital straight away.

I wouldn't think so. I would go to the doctors to make sure everything is ok. I have one kid and i never bled or had cramps while i was pregnant. I have heard of bleeding but not severe cramping.

Can u cramp and have a light bleeding while pregnant?

No you can't get pregnant while slighty bleeding fro a miscarriage!

Some women have bleeding while pregnant that they think is their period, but bleeding while pregnant is NOT normal and should be evaluated by an OBYN!

Yes, bleeding while pregnant is possible, though unlikely. You may want to speak with your doctor.

No, but during early stages of being pregnant you can get bleeding which seems like a normal period. This is common.

Decidual bleeding can occur in early pregnancy. It is similar to a light period and while it is not uncommon to get cramps with this type of bleeding, the pain should be mild. If you experience severe cramps with decidual bleeding, it would be wise to contact your doctor or midwife immediately.

Yes, your bitch can get pregnant up to a week after she stops bleeding. I used to think that they could only get pregnant during her 'heat' but a week afterward she stops bleeding and while she is bleeding, is correct.

best to get checked out right away, bleeding in pregnancy can mean many different things. some can be normal and harmless while others can be harmful, dont hesitate to get to the a&e right away!!!!!

maybe but also it could be period while pregnant which happens to a few women go to the doctors

If you are bleeding while you are pregnant you may vomit. Also it may be a light pink color or spotty if pregnant.

it is possible. take a pregnancy test and consult a physician if you think there is a possiblility that you are pregnant.

It is possible to spot while pregnant so your best bet is to get a home test

It's possible to have spotting and bleeding for long periods of time while pregnant. You should however see a Dr as soon as possible to rule out miscarriage, infection, and many other pregnancy related issues.

When I first got off the shot I was spotting for several months, had cramps, but I was not pregnant. Normally when you first get off depo, it may take a while for it to completely be out of your body. And it still make take awhile for you to be able to get pregnant.

You can't have your period while being pregnant. However, you can have vaginal bleeding frequently during your first trimester.

It is impossible to say, but bleeding does not always mean that a miscarriage is inevitable. Many women bleed and it eventually settles, while in other cases it does not but increases and becomes accompanied by cramps.

pain full cramps and back pain while early pregnancy are normal the development of fetus

You should see a doctor about this to check for any problems. It is possible that the placenta is low-lying which can be serious.

no No; go see a doctor ASAP if you have bleeding while pregnant.

It will stop bleeding after a while or it will not bleed at all

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