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Is it possible to put a small turbo on a 70cc mini dirt bike?

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yes you can! the other poster is an idiot! if you can find a turbo small enough for that engine, you can do it, but as far as i know there aren't any turbos out there that are that small. and unless you have too much boost you won't blow it up. good luck!

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How fast does a 70cc dirt bike go?

A 70cc dirt bike will achieve a top speed of around 40mph

How big is the rear tire tube on a baja 70cc dirt bike?

the rear tire tube on a 70cc baja dirt bike is 3.0-12

How fast is a 70cc pit bike?

It depends on what your weight is :)

How fast does is 70cc dirt bike?

39.3 mph

How 70cc bike go faster?

The more rpms you go the faster it will go.Normally 70cc bikes are around 10,000 rpms

How many inches is a 70cc dirt bike?

70cc is equal to 4.27166209 Cubic Inches.

How fast can a 70cc dirt bike go?

1 mph

How fast can a Honda 70cc dirt bike go?


How fast ia 70cc dirt bike?

A 70cc dirt bike is quite fast and can reach speeds of between 30 and 40 miles per hour. The actual speed varies based on the size of the rider and the gearing of the bike.

Can a six year old ride a dirt bike?

yes just get them a 50cc or 70cc dirt bike

How many gears does a 70cc daymak dirt bike have?

2 gears

What bike and kart have the best mini turbo in Mario Kart Wii for Small people?

Mini Beast is the kart and the bullit bike is the bike.

Can you ride a 70cc dirt bike on the street?

No, it is illegal to ride a dirt bike on the street but you can ride it on a trail or dirt bike track.

How fast is a 70cc baja dirt bike?

1 000 000 MPH

How fast is a baja 70cc dirt bike?

I clocked mine at 41 mph.

How much hp is 90 cc?

how many cc in Honda 70cc bike

Do you need a category A to drive a Monkey Bike?

Depends on the engine size of the monkey bike - 50cc, 70cc, 90cc or 110cc.

What kind of oil for a 70cc Honda dirt bike?

First of all reads the bike guide manual and concern your mechanic.

What does 70cc on a dirt bike mean?

Means the engine size is 70 cubic centimeters

How to make a Pocket bike turbo?

how do you make pocket bike turbo or where do you buy it i need it for my f4-15 pocket bike 49cc

70cc Baja Motorsports Dirt Runner Dirt Bike faster?

because it is as fit as a flea

Is a 70cc dirt bike legal for a 11 year old?"

How do you drive a 70cc bike more faster than its limits?

ride it without any clothes on

Can baja 70cc dirt bike go 70 mph?

i just bought one and was being followed by my broher and he rode beside me doing 62mph so yes it may be possible.

How tall is a 70cc dirt bike in inches?

It depend on bike different bike have different height. But 36" At Handlebars - 24" At Seat is the approximate height of any bike.