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Is it possible to regret ever fancying or liking someone?

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βˆ™ 2011-09-13 03:05:21

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Yes, anything is possible when it comes to emotions.

Love is blindYes, because at the time you like someone they could seem almost perfect to you and when you stop crushing on them you start to see all their errors and see them thru different eyes.
2011-09-13 03:05:21
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Could you uncover a narcissist by asking the person to describe something they regret having done to someone else?

I think it's possible.

What is the definition of regret?

To regret is to wish that something didn't ever happen,to put it as simply as possible.

Regret breaking it off?

If you regret breaking off with someone, the best option is to try and get back together before He/She finds someone else..

How do you make someone regret his mistakes?

Most times after someone knows they have made a mistake they do regret it but tend to try and not show it but they do feel the shame and guilt.

A poem expressing sorrow or regret for someone who has died?

elegy :)

What is a synonym for regret?

Regret has a few synonyms like sorrow, grief, anguish, woe, heartache, heartbreak. Regret is when someone feels sorry, disappointed, or distressed about a past situation and are at loss or mourning.

What does unrepentant mean?

someone who is unrepentant does not regret their actions and does not ask for forgiveness

What did King Arthur regret?

i dont find it yourself...or ask someone IN PERSON.

What do you do if you regret doing something?

it does depend on what it is you regret. If you regret being negative towards someone you could apologize for this and then it will settle your regret. however if you can not do this in the situation, you must acknowledge your regret and the reasons for this and then identify what this can teach you so that in the future you can avoid doing this again. it is important to remember that everything you have done so far in life has made you the person you are today therefore if you can learn from the good and the bad and better yourself today there should be nothing you can regret.

What do you do if you like someone and are scared to show your feelings with them in case they don't like you?

If it's the opposite sex, attempt to show your interest in them , and after the first attempt , do not continue to persue him or her if they are not friendly to you or else you might regret ever liking him or her. If it's someone you just want to be friends with, try to be their friend once or twice, but don't try to force them to be your friend, you could end up with your feelings hurt .

Example of regret letter?

A regret letter to someone should include an apology. The letter should also include what steps should be taken again, if the same scenario happens again.

What should I do if I have broken up with my boyfriend I regret it and he's moving in 4 days?

Consider how you feel about him, many people regret breaking up with someone, but it all depends on what you want for yourself

Whats the feeling of take you for granted?

that you feel bad for using someone and you regret doing what you did and lost what you had.

What describes an elegy?

a short poem of lamentation or regret and sorrowA Poem ExpressingSorrow For Someone Who Has Died.

Is it gay to take a picture of your testicles?

No, it is not gay. But it may be something you regret later when someone discovers it.

Did Michael Jackson regret becoming white?

You can't regret something you have no control over, that's like asking someone with diabetes if they regret getting it. He had vitiligo which probably made him very self conscious and unhappy at times, it's something he couldn't stop from happening to him.

Is It possible that Hester would feel a twinge of regret at the thought of leaving the scene of her humiliation and giving up The Scarlet Letter?

It is very possible that she would regret leaving the town. Because she was famous around that area for the scarlet letter, she would be leaving a place where everyone knew her and talked about her; although it was negative attention, it is still attention she might like. Others argue that she would regret leaving the spiritual experience of being constantly reminded of her sin which in turn pushes her to be a stronger Christian. If you meant is it possible she would regret not leaving the town, of course she would feel regret. She went through torturous scoldings and being the outcast of the town daily and will also probably never find a man again.

Is there something wrong with you when you flirt with an older man but then feel ashamed after doing it?

No absolutely not! You were flirting, but he might've not realized, and flirting,liking, with someone would be your own privilege! Like the way you're free to love anybody.. Everybody can regret what they've done, but try not to. If you think you'll feel ashamed again, don't do it or try to avoid it.

Itm is better or lingaya's university?

Lingaya's is better in every possible way!!! Go for it You won't regret your decision

How do you put these fractions least to greatest?

It might have been possible to try to answer the question if you had provided the list of fractions. But since you could not be bothered to do so, I regret that it is not possible to answer the question.

Will your ex regret breaking up with you after living together for a month when you did a lot for him?

only when he needs someone to cook and clean for him.

What do you do if you are crazy about a friend who likes someone else?

Tell the person that you are crazy about them and tell them why, or else you'll regret not telling them

What are the out come of rolling three six-sided DI?

There are 216 possible outcomes and I regret I do not have the inclination to list them all.

Microgram vs minogram?

I regret that there is no such measure of mass such as a minogram. Moreover, it is not possible to guess what it could have been with a typographic error.

What is the antonym for 'regret'?

contentment! is the right answer!