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Possible, yes. A good idea from any angle? Absolutely not. The RHB5 that comes on the Ford Probe is a very small turbo and is even a bit small for that car. While it may be considered for small displacement, medium power 1.5L-1.6L Hondas (ang other similar sized makers) It is not a good option for that motor. Two of them maybe but it'd require quite a bit of fabrication and, well, if you have to ask its not yet within the range of skills. Continue reading various DIY or Junkyard turbo websites before attempting such a project.

Yikes, Sounds like it will be quite the frankentein. I guess anything is possible, but life it too short for me to attempt it. I can't imagine all of the modifications that would have to be made not to mention how the powertrain management (computer contolled), incompatibilities that would need to done. The Probe was basically a "foriegn car". If you go after it, I'd like to know how it went.

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Q: Is it possible to take a turbo from a 2 2L probe and apply it to a 2 9L ranger 4x4?
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