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It depends on a lot of factors as some may find out. Some Operating Systems such as Windows will not allow you to. And sometimes you have to deal with JFIF Jpeg's and Exif Jpeg's as the bottom post does. That person thoroughly explains the issues in my opinion. What you can try doing is inserting the memory card into a USB card reader or memory card slot if you have them. Or you can change your operating system to be able to move photos from the USB connected Camera. Yes. You should be able to find the camera listed under "My Computer" as either an extra drive, or by the name of the camera. It should be displayed as a "removable storage". Just pull it over to the drive and it will be on there. Some cameras can be 'uploaded' with their supplied usb/firewire cord. All memory chips are in effect external hard-drives when attached to a 'card-reader'. So! Whether you transfer files via the camera cord or via a separate 'card-reader' you must transfer a readable file only. That would be a 'jpeg'. Let's assume that you have taken pictures and downloaded them to your computer OR downloaded jpegs from the internet or via e-mail from a friend. If you wish to 'crop' or 'adjust' the colour and/or contrast in a computer software program, then upload to 'your' camera, again, remember to save as a jpeg file and NOT a tiff. or a gif. or photoshop file as the camera will not be able to display them on it's LCD screen. Do not believe for a moment that you can put across the idea that you took the pictures. Every camera 'codes' each picture with hidden 'data' that tells what camera, what setting and often the owners name. This data is available for deletion only and not modification and then only if you know how.

Many digital cameras have a built in codec specifically designed to read only a certain type of pictures. If your camera is like most digital cameras, the the process is very simple. Most likely your camera contains the JPEG Exif format. If the picture(s) you want to move to your camera is JIFF, then you must convert it to Exif. To know which version of JPEG it is(JIFF or Exif), simple open the image in notepad. You can do this by right-clicking on the image and then choose "Open With..." Then from the menu that may pop up, select notepad. You will see the data of the image, if it says Exif, then you can just go right ahead and move it to the camera without doing anything else which I will later talk about. If it does not say Exif, then you will need to convert it. To start off, you need to download Quick Exif Editor, just Google it up. Then run the program, click where it says open and choose your photo. Then look for a green + sign and a window will pop up saying "Read including Undefined Tags (Maybe dangerous) ." Many people who are not savvy with computers AND digital Photography will have no idea what this means. All this means is that a part of the image will be edited which can result in a loss of image. Don't worry this will not damage your computer or anything like that, it will only damage the image SO I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU MAKE A COPY OF THAT IMAGE. Next click on "Yes" to continue. Another Window will pop up saying "New Exif Tag." I strongly recommend you leave everything alone. The image only needs a small command line that's says it is an Exif JPEG so DON'T WRITE ANYTHING. JUST GO RIGHT AHEAD AND CLICK "ADD." Cameras only read pictures with an Exif tag, which is just a fancy name for the detail of the photo, such as date and other data. None of this data shows up on the image but rather it is hidden within the image. Usually an image data begins with what type of JPEG image. This makes it easy for a camera to read it. So that is why we need to add a simple piece of data that tells the camera that it is a JPEG. Your image is now an Exif Jpeg. Your image is now ready to be moved to your camera. To start this process, you will need a memory card slot in your computer. Typically memory cards allow files to be written on it and connecting your camera via USB to the computer will not allow it to. If you can move files to your camera via the USB, meaning that the camera is connected to the computer through a USB cable, then you are fine. If your computer does not have a memory card and your camera connected to the computer via USB will not allow files to be moved to the memory card, then you will need to use the memory card slot in your computer or you will need to buy a card reader that in which it connects to your computer via USB and and it contains a slot for your memory card. Make sure your memory card can fit onto the memory card slot, since there are different memory cards. You can check if your ccamera will allow you to move files to it when connected by the usb cord by connecting you camera to the usb port via the cable. Then go to my computer or computer and search for you device. DOuble click on it and then attempt to move a file onto it. If the file moves to the computer then you don't need to use the memory card slot or card reader to move the picture into it. If you cannot move the file then you will need either a memory card or memory card slot. If you have decided to use the memory card in your computer to move the files, please make sure the memory card is not locked. On the memory card, there should be a little switch which lets you know if it is locked. Plugin you memory card or the Camera via USB, and then search for where the pictures are located. Next, drag the picture that you want to move to your camera into the folder where all the pictures on the memory card or Camera are located. Next, look at all the names of the pictures in that photo. Some cameras use a common name with a number attached at the end. For example, Sony cybershot cameras use the name DSC00, with a three other digits. Look for a similarity in all the pictures. Then rename the photo to be part of the pattern of all the other images. This will ensure that your camera reads the image. YOu are now done. Turn on your camera, and view the image. If it says File error or you cannot find the image, then the process is a bit more complicated.

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Q: Is it possible to transfer pictures from a computer back to your digital camera?
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Is it possible to transfer pictures from a computer to a digital camera?

You can transfer them from a computer to the camera's digital media (whatever kind of card it uses) but the pictures will not have the same information as photos taken by the camera.

How do you transfer pictures from computer to digital photo frame?

you have to use a usb cord and then something will pop up to transfer.

How can you transfer Pictures from your computer to your digital camera if they accidentially got deleted from the digital camera in the first place?

i have no idea please tell me how

What kind of cable is used to transfer digital video to and from a computer and camcorder?

Transfer cable is used to transfer digital video to and from a computer and camcorder.

What digital camera accessories are needed to operate the camera?

To operate a digital camera, one must have the proper camera battery and charger to power it. A memory card is needed to store the pictures, and a USB cord is needed to transfer the pictures from the camera to the computer.

Is it better to transfer digital pictures using a camera or a memory card reader?

It's better to transfer digital pictures using a memory card. The memory card can allow you to transfer them to multiple computers and can easily be kept to use at anytime.

Do you need a cord to insert into the digital picture frame?

No, if the picture is on the camera then there should be a selection of frames on your camera, if that's not the case than you will need a usb cord to transfer your pictures to your computer where you can download a frame, attach it, and transfer the picture back to the computer.

What lets you transfer digital data between your computer and devices such as digital cameras?

connectivity port.

How can you transfer digital 8 tapes to computer?

Digital 8 tapes are transferred to a computer using an USB capture card. A tape player is used to output the video to the capture card which then allows the computer to transfer the video.

How do you transfer pictures from a digital memory card to another digital memory card?

You will need to buy a memory card reader

Can we print photos on a digital camera?

Absolutely.... All you need is a suitable printer. Many digital cameras can be connected directly to a dedicated printer, or connected to a computer. Dedicated printers - will allow you to print directly from the camera. Connecting to a computer lets you store the pictures indefinitely. If you transfer the pictures to a computer, you have more scope in editing the pictures for best results. Printing can be done onto plain paper, or photo-quality (glossy) paper.

Is it possible to transfer pictures from a Kodak digital camera memory card to your computer?

yes it is possible to transfere pictures from a Kodak digital camrs to your computer HOW?] you have to download an kodak picture app. Just google Kodak for mac

How does digital devices work?

Depends on what kind of device. Digital Cameras have memory cards that store pictures digitally, like files on a computer. You can then transfer that stored image to other devices that are comparable. Do you have a specific device in mind?

What is a digital still camera used for?

To take pictures that can be transferred to a computer.

What is the function of the scanner of the computer?

To import physical pictures in digital form.

What part of the computer makes digital pictures appear of the monitor?


How do you load old photographs to a computer?

You use a digital scanner to record the pictures as digital picture files for a computer....OR.... a picture of each picture taken with a digital camera.... its easy to do.

How you transfer a movie from camera digital to the computer?

you just plug your USB cable in your camera and your computer.

How can you transfer music from computer to digital frame?

put the plug into the computer and then pick the songs you want on it

How do you take pictures for EBay?

Using a digital camera. You then upload them to the computer. Or, if you use a film camera, you can scan the pictures into the computer on get the photos put on a disc which you can upload to the computer

What are two ways you can get pictures from a digital camera to a computer?

i have windows vista i cannot download from digital camera to PC

How do you transfer pictures from a PC to a digital photo frame using memory card?

you don`t

How do I get pictures from film to digital print?

Some photo developers are able to put the pictures onto a CD and then you could do digital printing. You could also scan the photo into the computer and then use digital printing.

How can you transfer photos from your computer to your digital cannon camera?

This is a weird action. Normally you transfer from the digital camera into a computer. If you want to move your pictures that you have in your computer, I advise you to move them to a pendriver, and not to the camera. The camera is not a storage device, this is a function for a CD, a diskette, a MP4, or the best of all, a pendriver, 4 GB. To transfer the photos stored in your computer to a pendrive, insert it into the USB gate, open the folder in which the photos were saved, select all the photos, click on move to a folder, select the name of your pendrive and move directly to it.

Is it possible to transfer printed photographs and or negatives to digital?

Yes, simply scan them or actually take a digital photograph of it.