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Of course, there are no laws in the forbidding a legal resident from traveling to another state or all over the country. That is assuming that there have been no restrictions applied by a court or the Immigration department.

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Q: Is it possible to travel out of state if your a legal alien?
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Can a husband obtain a divorce if he is a legal alien in the US and the wife still resides in Mexico and can it be done with no travel?

It depends on the state you reside.

Is it possible to take children out of state?

Unless you have some legal document that forbids you to remove your children, travel between states in the US is not regulated. You are free to travel as you wish.

What is legal in the construction of a travel trailer?

The law is different from state to state. I would advise checking your local DMV for what is and is not legal in your state.

Is it legal to take an illegal alien across state lines?

It depends if said alien is from Space or your more garden variety location, such as Mexico.

Did Thomas Jefferson ever explicitly state why he felt that alien life was possible?


What if the custodial parent moves out of state?

As regards to what? Custody? Child support? Travel expenses? When you ask a legal question, it's very helpful if you provide as many pertinent details as possible including the state(s) and/or country involved.

Can a same-sex couple legally marry when one is a resident alien?

Yes. Or, rather, I should say that the fact that one is a resident alien will not prevent him or her from marrying the other one. No state in the US limits marriage to only citizens. It is even possible for a US citizen to marry a undocumented alien in the United States. There is no residency or citizenship requirement to marry in the US. The only thing that could prevent you from marrying is: if you live in a state where same-sex marriage is not legal (you can travel to another state if this is the case); if one or both of you is already married to someone else (you'll have to get a divorce first); or, if you are closely related to each other by blood (the degree of consanguinity that is prohibited varies by state).

How old do you have to be to get married to an illegal alien?

The age at which someone can marry an illegal alien is based on the law of the state. Anyone can legally marry if they of legal age. Most states put the age at about 18.

Can a legal resident buy a gun in Arizona?

If you mean a legal resident alien, yes. If you mean a legal resident of Arizona, yes. If you mean a legal resident of another state- THAT depends on which gun. You may purchase a rifle or shotgun from a dealer in any state (unless you reside in CA) but you may only purchase a handgun in your home state.

In the state of Florida is it illegal for a legal permantent resident to marry an illegal alien just so the illegal alien could get pappers and the legal permenent resident could get money?

Yes, as well as being a FEDERAL CRIME, it is immoral and destructive to the country. The legal alien also risks revocation of their legal status and deportation. If the illegal doesn't care enough to do things legally, who the heck wants them here? What kind of citizen (other than selfish, greedy and irresponsible) will they be?

Can a gay man marry an illegal alien?

Yes. There is no citizenship requirement or screening for marriage in the United States. If you are a gay man, you can marry a male illegal alien in any state where same-sex marriage is legal.

How many eyes does an alien have?

An alien has three eyes and it really depends whether what state the alien is in.

Does a legal resident alien have the right to purchase fire arms in the US?

This depends upon the State. Most states will say no to aliens seeking firearms. The State of VA allows such purchases.

When you were married to an illegal alien he sweet talked his way out of showing ID Is the marriage legal?

If the marriage license was issued and executed, the marriage is going to be considered legal. It could be annulled, depending on the laws of the state in question.

What do you do if you have an out of state license plate on your car and you're traveling to Massachusetts?

As long as your registration is up to date you can travel into any state and be legal. There are no laws that say you can not cross state lines.

Is it possible to become emancipated in another state without your parents?

A minor can only petition for emancipation in the state in which they are a legal resident, so you can't just go to another state and do it.

In New York is it legal for a pregnant girl to leave the state?

The fact that she is pregnant has no bearing on her ability to travel across state lines. The fact that she is someone's girlfriend also has no bearing on her ability to travel across state lines. There is no reason she can't go anywhere she wishes.

Is it legal to own a uzi gun in Louisiana?

Provided you follow all the local, state and federal laws, it is possible.

Can you visit another state by airplane if your visa is still in process to convert into a student visa in the US?

As long as you have a proof of your legal stay in the US then you can travel by airplane to another state, but it is preferable to travel with your Visa already there especially when you are traveling by Air.

What does a state attorney general do?

The state attorney general is a legal position. The individual provides legal counsel for representatives of the state. It is the highest legal position in a state.

What state does a resident alien claim when living abroad with the military?

the state in which he enlisted

Is it legal to have passengers in a gooseneck trailer in the state of Minnesota?

Yes. Riding is allowed in travel trailers, fifth-wheel trailers, and truck campers.

Is deport alien national state or both?


Can you travel to Pakistan while collecting New York State unemployment?

You'd have to check with the employment office, because there may be conditions you have to meet that might not be possible if you are out of state.

Are ferrets legal pets?

I have 3 ferrets, so they are legal. But it is possible that some states don't allow ferrets. I live in Connecticut and they are completelylegal. I've brought ferrets to Massachusetts, so that is another state that allows them. Black-footed ferrets are endangered so they are totally not legal. Please check your state laws if you are not sure about your state. Hopefully you can buy a ferret.