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Go to and to "contect us," is the only thing that come to mind, but I'd love contact them, personally, to voice some of my opinions, on some recent storylines. If anyone, out there, has a better way to get a hold of Vince and the creative team, I'd love to know. They say in their contact section that they do not accept ideas for storylines. However, listen to this short story. From 1998-2001, I ran an online newsletter. In April 2001, right after WCW and ECW died, myself and all my subscribers gathered up this list of storyline ideas and sent them to Tom Prichard's official email address which back then was We did get a reply back from them that only said "I enjoyed reading it". One idea we had back in April mind you, was for the WWF to have a 3 way war with the WWF, WCW and ECW. Of course months later, they kind of used that but instead of a 3 way war, they joined ECW and WCW together. We were emailing Prichard and saying stuff like "give credit where credits due" and stuff and all he ever wrote back was "I never remember reading that idea of yours." That's histarically priceless.

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Q: Is it possible to write to Vince and the creative team with suggestions as to what fans would like to see?
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