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if your menstrual cycle is regular,then you should go see a doctor or just wait a week or so. Yes, that is probably the first sign of pregnancy. But I should also note that Birth Control pills can interrupt your cycle occasionally (especially if you just started them or switched brands.)

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โˆ™ 2008-04-25 16:58:26
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Q: Is it possible you are pregnant if your period is 6 days late?
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Is it possible to be five days late get your period but still be pregnant?


Is it possible to be pregnant if I started my period 3 days late but it was short and heavy?

haha, period!

Could you be pregnant if you are five days late for your period?

It's possible, but there a lot of other factors that may be a reason why your period is late.

Is it possible to be pregnant at 52 years old. 10 days late for period?

It is possible to be pregnant at 52 years old.

Could you be pregnant if your period was late and only lasted three days?

Yes it's possible. And to everyone saying you can't have a period when you're pregnant..WRONG

Is it possible for a woman to be pregnant when she sees her period 3 days late?

If your period arrived 3 days late then you are not pregnant. In very, very rare cases some women see some blood spotting throughout a pregnancy which they mistake for a period and do not know they are pregnant but if your period just arrived a few days later than normal then it would seem that you are not pregnant.

I am 5 days late for my period Could I be pregnant?

It's possible that you could be. Take a pregnancy test

Could you be pregnant if your period is 2 days late and there are no signs of it coming?

It is possible but so many things can cause a period to be only a few days late, dieting, stress, exercise, etc

Can you still be pregnant if you were 2 days late and your period only lasted 2 days?

there is no way you can have your period and be pregnant.

Is it possible to not be pregnant even though I am 6 days late and have cramping as if I had my period and very mild spotting please help I don't want to pregnant?

its possible u are and possible your not because, your 6 days late but take a pregnancy that's the only way to find out ....

Can you be pregnant if period is 7 days late with spotting at the beginning of period then menstraul flow comes normal?

Yes, it is possible to be pregnant. WEIRD, but possible still take a pregnancy test to be absolutely sure.

Are you pregnant if you are two days late on your period and have had what looked to be implantation bleeding that you know was not your period as it was not heavy enough?

its definatly possible. wait a few days and if you dont get your period take a test!

Could you be pregnant if you spotted for 2 days and then had a normal period?

my period was late 2 days then i had a normal period could you be pregnant yes or no

If your period is 6 days late and im pregnant when did you get pregnant?

It depends when the dates of your last period were

Can you get your period ten days late and be pregnant?


IF I am 5 days late on my period am I pregnant?

Could be

I am two days late on my period can i be pregnant?

If you have had unprotected sex, and now you are two days late , then you could very well be pregnant.

You are 14 days late for your period and negative pregnancy test could you be pregnant?

It is possible. I would see a doctor and have them draw blood to see if you are pregnant.

Your period was 3 days late and it is now on could you be pregnant?

No, You were just late.

You got your period and was 3 days late am i pregnant?

Even if your period came three days late if you got it, your probably not pregnant. I've heard of one person getting their period in the early days of pregnancy but it's highly doubtful you would get it if you were pregnant.

You are on the pill and you are 2 days late on your period Are you pregnant?

Unlikely but still possible. Stop taking the pills and take a test

Are you pregnant if you are four days for your period?

It's normal to have a late period when your stressed.

Could you be pregnant if your period was 3 days late and lasted about 2 days?

yes you could be pregnant.

If my period is two days early can I be pregnant?

Having your period two days early or two days late, if it is a regular period - not just spotting, then you are in all likelihood not pregnant.

Im am 4 days late for my period am i pregnant?

A late period dosent always mean you are pregnant, You could just have a late peroid. But you might want to check.