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cirtainly, i did


AnswerYes, just be careful. I've met 9 girls from the internet. Of those, 2 became serious girlfriends, 3 I dated and had fun, but nothing came of it, 2 became close friends, and the other 2 didnt work out. Just make sure you're falling in love with the person described, and not the picture on the posting. Pictures can be deceiving. AnswerOn occasion yes, you can meet a compatible person, just like you do in real life. However, it's a lot easier for married people, con artists, and predators to hide their true identity.

You can't see where they live online, you don't meet their friends or family online, you don't see them day to day, in their regular life, how they deal with stress, etc. When they're talking to you online, they're focused on you, not living in the real world with distractions. Online romances feel more intense for this reason.

Even in regular circumstances, a person falls in love with someone's online persona and fantasizes about that person. When they meet, they're disappointed by the person's appearance or the lack of chemistry. Neither may have lied about anything and may have sent actual photos, but you can't see a person's mannerisms or body language online. Physical chemistry--regardless of actual looks--is an important part of a relationship.

Long distances are another thing. You might find someone online who you find attractive and enjoy their personality--but they live 2000 miles from you. Long distance relationships are very hard to sustain over time.

Answerit is always possible for someone to fake an identity on the internet. even if you do decide to trust them and talk to them for months all that time could be wasted when you find out they are nothing like described, or lied, or isn't even the gender they said they were, there are a lot of creeps on the internet (and in life)so be careful no matter how sincere they seem.
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Q: Is it really possible to find a real person on an internet dating service?
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Are internet dating sites useless?

Internet dating services can be helpful for those without time to date conventionally. A person must be careful to take caution with these services and do proper background checks when possible.

How can a person subscribe to Charter Internet service?

A person can subscribe to Charter Internet service by visiting their site and live chatting with a representative. When talking to the Charter Internet representative a person can select which tier of service they desire.

What is cyber dating?

Cyber dating is dating online, not actually meeting the person except on the internet. In other words, hooking up with another via the internet.

Talking to a Person Online?

In order to find the best dating service on the Internet, it is important that you compare different websites to get a feel for what you want to use. All dating agencies are different and some of them do not weed out people who should not be there. When dating online, it is also a good idea to always be yourself and to never lie to people with whom you are speaking to on the Internet.

Are email service providers the same as internet providers?

EMail services are different than the internet provider. The internet provider is the person who provides the internet, while the email service prodiver gives the email service.

What is a good free online dating service?

You can try to find the perfect person for you. Just remember to be careful, because you never really know who you meet on the internet.

How can you contact a possible match through yahoo personals without paying a fee to email that person?

Type into Google "Free dating service" this may help.

How can you tell someone is cheating on you when you are dating over the Internet?

Well it depends on if you trust that person but try to get to know that person before you start dating

What are some tips for internet dating?

Some good tips for internet dating would be to be honest with your profile and to make you keep in mind to be careful when meeting the person because not everyone are who they say they are.

What is an Internet administrator?

An internet administrator is a person who overseas and maintains internet related networks. They can work in large companies. They can also work for internet service providers.

Is iPhone Internet good?

iPhone's don't provide their own internet, the internet comes from a service provider so it depends which company a person is with.

What number is the Dating Channel on Sky?

The Sky Dating Channel can be found on channel 870. There is also an internet page for the Sky Dating Channel that can be used. The user of the channel would have to text a number saying what kind of person they were and what kind of person they were interested in.

What area the disadvantages of using an online dating service?

The online dating is not yet successful.The disadvantages are the person you may not know you don't know anything about him or her.

Would you meet nicer men in an introduction service?

Go to a reputable Dating Service and interview them! Be sure of their privacy policies as they are to keep you safe and interview your prospects. Dating Services are far safer than meeting someone in a bar or someone you don't know. Other than that hopefully a friend will know of someone you may be interested in. When in doubt, double date with a friend for the first couple of dates before you get too involved with a new person and a possible relationship. Even if you meet someone through a dating service please tell a good friend or someone the name of this person and any information you have about them including the Dating Service's address and phone #. You can't be too careful these days.

What is a good internet dating site for a newly divorced person?

There are many websites out there for a newly divorced person to meet others for potential dating. The top three websites I would recommend are,,, and

Can you find out the dating sites a person has visited using their email address?

you may have a possible chance

What is a good dating website for chemistry?

There isn't a particular dating service for Chemistry. It depends on the person you meet. It depends on the person you have met. Is There good conversation yet?. Does he/she seem interesting?. those are things that may strike chemistry.

Is there a service that provides phone dating?

Yes there are many phone dating services around the nation, including several local services in each geographic area. You can also sign up on an online dating site and request that the person interested in meeting you have a phone date with you at first. Tango Personals is a nationwide phone dating service.

How risky is a video dating service?

A dating service is usually very safe because the most reputable services run background checks on the people who use their services. With any service, you want to take the time to talk to the person and get to know them before giving them any personal information.

When attempting to reconnect to the internet your computer requires the phone number of your internet service provider and you do not know what the number is how can you obtain it?

you call the person who set it up

what is and how is it different from other sites?

Lava life is a not only an internet dating site but also a phone dating site. This dating agency will let you date online and also talk to the person over the phone before you meet them.

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Cable on internet is useful because using the same service provider typically yields a lower price for the person monthly. Cable internet access is the best option for high-speed internet.

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Yes. Satellite internet service is very fast and has high download speeds. This will allow a person to watch streamed content without constant pauses.

Is dating someone online and doing sexual things possible?

Yes but it is very different than doing it in person.

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VoIP is an internet based telephone system that is growing in popularity, it can be purchased by any person with access to the internet and strong internet connection. There are many different companies that offer VoIP service the most highly rated I have found is Nextiva.