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Is it safe for Betta fish to replace aquarium gravel with charcoal bits?


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No. Charcoal bits will harm your betta fish. But you can use deactivated charcoal bits

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No, gravel covering the ground of the tank or bowl will do fine. If you can fit them, they might also like an aquarium plant (living or plastic).

totally upto you. i have gravel in my bettas tank.

They sorta can it depends on what color they are and the decorations and gravel. My betta is pure blue and it blends in with the gravel since the gravel is blue and some of the ornaments are blue.

No, they are fighting fish. They will kill each other no matter what sex they are.

Any plant that is not aquarium safe should not be placed with a betta

It is possible to breed betta fish in an aquarium setting. However breeding betta fish is a challenging job and should only be done with proper conditioning, housing and lots of research. Be sure to know your facts before you try to breed betta fish.

A betta will live about a year in the wild...maybe two years in your aquarium.

Betta fish do very well in aquariums as they get along surprisingly well with other fish of their average size size. Betta fish will live longer when they live in a filtered aquarium above 3 gallons. There are many positives to your Betta's well-being when in an aquarium In a community aquarium you may have either-or but not together: One male Betta One female Betta Three or more female Bettas (never two) Also remember that fish who resemble male Bettas or have long, colorful fins -such as guppies- may be bullied or even killed by your Betta. Male or female.

I have always had gravel at the base of my Betta breeding tanks. The male will collect the eggs before they reach the gravel provided the tank has at least 10 inches depth of water.

Male Bettas can live with female Betta fish except when they have laid eggs. Male Betta fish should not be placed in the same aquarium as another male Betta.

A betta would probably do just fine in a one gallon aquarium

Yes, a betta fish can live in a jar if it is large enough. Gravel can be placed in the jar and it can be a good habitat for this species.

If the Betta aquarium is properly set up with a filter, heater, substrate, plants and light then 10% water change weekly should be enough. If a Betta is in a tiny bowl/container with none of the above mentioned neccessities then the water should be changed daily.

my betta bowl has sea glass which is really dull glass so it wont cut itself

Place it in a larger well planted aquarium

most of the time but with betta fish no they can live at room tepature

yes, goldfish and betta fish fight.One time I had 2 goldfish and one bit the other one and it killed it.Never have 2 betta fish in the same aquarium or bowl because they will fight right when they get in the aquarium/bowl!

If it is like a black clump then its your fishes feaces(crap).clean it out

Bettas will seem "lazy" when their bored or don't have enough room in the aquarium.

yeah its fine, it just means he wants to mate.

You should only have 1 fish per gallon of water in a fish tank. I wouldn't put more than 2 or 3 Neon Tetras in a 4 gallon aquarium with 1 Betta.

Male betta fish can be housed in both bowls and aquarium. In order to thrive though they need the proper lighting and filtration.

If you really care about your Betta you will keep it in a filtered "Aquarium" that contains at least 2 gallons of water, some gravel and living plants too. Then you will change at least 50% of its water weekly. If you insist on cruelly keeping it in a container smaller than 1 gallon it will need at least daily water changes of 80% plus.

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