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Benzoyl peroxide is a very frequently used treatment for acne. If a 10% solution of benzoyl peroxide (such as Oxy 10) causes irritation, use a lower dose of Benzoyl peroxide; anti-acne facial wipes usually contain 2.5% benzoyl peroxide.

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Q: Is it safe to use benoyzl peroxide to cure acne?
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Is acne laser treatment safe for teenagers?

Here is a great website with products to cure acne and also videos and article for curing acne! visit

Are there supplements he can take to help cure acne?

Yes, there are acne supplements available at sites like and The best plan may be to consult your son's dermotologist to find a supplement that is safe and cost effective.

What is a safe acne medication during pregnancy?

Something that would not be taken internally; most externally applied benzoyl peroxide products would be best to use during pregnancy.

Can you use peroxide to remove ear wax and is it safe?

yes, it is safe to use peroxide. but in my opinion i wouldn't use it if you have an ear infection.

Will peroxide kill a gum infection?

Peroxide is not safe for use on skin unless incredibly diluted. It is certainly not safe for use on gums.

Proactiv will not tr?

Proactiv will not treat lupus skin lesions; Proactiv is a treatment for acne. The active ingredient is benzoyl peroxide. Although benzoyl peroxide is useful to treat acne and safe for people with lupus, care should be taken. Benzoyl peroxide can be irritating to the skin and photosensitizing, thus risking potential lupus flares with sun exposure. The dose of benzoyl peroxide in Proactiv is lower than that in some other formulations, but adequate sunscreen is still imperative prior to sun exposure, especially for people with lupus.

Is hydrogen peroxide safe as a mouth wash?


Is hydrogen peroxide safe for ears?


Is it safe to dye your hair with peroxide?


How much peroxide is safe for a dog to drink?

None dogs can get very sick from drinking peroxide

Is hydrogen peroxide safe to swallow?

Hydrogen peroxide can be diluted with water and used as a gargle but should never be swallowed. In the event you do swallow concentrated hydrogen peroxide, drink water and DO NOTattempt to vomit. Contact your physician should you begin to feel ill.

Is it safe to use hydrogen peroxide during pregnancy?

According to my doctor it is completely safe!

How do you make color safe bleach?

You can make the color safe bleach by adding peroxide with water.

Is it safe to brush teeth with peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide is most commonly used as a gargle agent rather than a toothpaste.

How safe is it to drink hydrogen peroxide?

This can only be gargle not to drink. hydrogen peroxide is very deadly and posionous

Is acne face wash safe during pregnancy?

Yes they are safe but with the instructions given by the doctor.

Are hydrogen peroxide barrels safe for garden use?

if empty - yes

Is hydrogen peroxide safe for rivers?

i don't really think so...

Is it safe to remove ear wax with hydrogen peroxide.?

Yes, because hydrogen peroxide is used to soften impacted cerumen in the ears.

Is peroxide safe to use?

To find out if peroxide is safe to use, you can ask your family doctor. However, if you don't have a family doctor, you can ask a general doctor while you are at the hospital for more information on the subject.

Is it safe to use peroxide to clean a wound?

If you mean 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, that's what it's for. Higher concentrations, or other peroxides, may not be safe and should not be used for this purpose without consulting a physician.

Can peroxide be used for water in ears?

It should be safe to mix Hydrogen Peroxide with water to produce a solution safe enough to put in your ear and remove earwax, but not damage your eardrum. Talk to your doctor if you're concerned about the concentration.

Hydrogen peroxide mouth wash?

Is completely safe and is commonly used as a gargle agent.

Is is safe to use hydrogen peroxide as a preservative of milk?

No link between milk and H2O2.

How much would it cost and would it be safe to get acne laser treatment?

First of all, acne laser treatments are safe and proven effective to minimalize the appearance of acne scars. Many variables are factored into the price of an acne treatment, and the treatments could run anywhere from 1,000 dollars to 5,000 dollars. You should call local dermatologists to discuss rates and packages.