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Is it safe to use copper and galvanized pipes on the same fitting?


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No, you cannot join copper and galvy directly. A brass fitting needs to be between the two to prevent electrolysis. You could also use a special type of union that has a gasket between the two halves. It is called a Dielectric union. If this junction is between pipes on your water heater and the cold water supply line, you could use a fitting made for that that also is a back flow preventer (ie a check valve).


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No. Compression fittings are NOT for steam pipes

Since most water is carried to houses through copper pipes, yeah.

Copper pipes are perfectly safe. If you were to consume too much copper you could then suffer from copper toxicity, however metallic copper is not very soluble in water, and you will not get any excessive amount being dissolved by using copper pipes. Also note that in very small amounts, copper is actually beneficial, since it is a necessary trace element. So copper pipes are good. Or what I was told is that the Romans drank out of copper pipes and they all went mad but that's what i heard.

because the pipes don't rust as easy, and silver and gold are too expensive. That is another persons answer. Here are the main 3 reasons plumbers use copper pipes. Copper pipes are relatively non-toxic-unlike lead. Copper pipes do not suffer corrosion-as iron does. Copper pipes are relatively soft and easy to work with-unlike both iron and lead. However more and more homes are now using the plastic pipe such as Pvc and Cpvc which seems to serve the same purpose and are also safe, although both can be used, you still need to find out what code calls for in your city or town an abide by it.

Definitely not! Galvanized when heated will emit toxic fumes.

Copper (as a metal or alloys) is safe.

50psi is a safe route. No problems there. the fittings can largely effect the pressure effect noticed once the water leaves the pipes.

It is safe, but it will rot out. It is used to prevent electrolysis, but that is pretty much it nowadays. Pex is more commonly used for water pipes.

Because of following reasonsCopper is economical.Copper is lightweightCopper is formableCopper is easy to joinCopper is safeCopper is dependableCopper is long-lastingCopper is 100% recyclable

It is safe to cook in copper cookware. However it is not advised to cook baby food it copper cookware because it harms the effects of certain vitamins. In addition very acidic foods should not be cooked in copper cookware as they may contain toxic amounts of copper.

depending on what area of the country you are in...16" should be safe enough. you should be careful of rock coming in contact with the piping as it could result in abrasive punctures over time.

Totally-it's not radioactive or anything. Old pennies are copper so is modern plumbing. if it wasn't safe, we'd all be in trouble.

it is safe. but only if it is cleaned and purified.

Unlined copper cookware is not recommended for daily cooking purposes. While copper is a essential mineral for humans, too much of it can be poisonous. However, if your copper pot is lined with steel, then it is perfectly safe to use in everyday cooking.

yes. the amount of copper leeched should not be toxic

Yeah man they are safe they contain zinc and copper ennit.

Any metal container such as the galvanized one mentioned above, affects the PH and acidic values of the food often discoloring it. Plastic, wood and ceramic containers are safe and do not change or affect the PH of food(s).

Hot copper wire gives off no fumes.However if you are talking about insulated copper wire, the insulation will give off fumes. Depending on the type of insulation it can be anywhere from totally safe to deadly!

The question suffers from a lack of specifics. Do you need to be careful when using copper in what capacity? Handling copper at STP is typically safe.

No. All forms of tobacco can cause cancer, emphysema and heart disease. or have all you need to fix those little leaks in pipes. they carry testers for water pipes to gas pipes. However, when dealing with gas it is always safe to call the gas company.

I cook Whole hogs that requires the use of baling wire, and i will never use galvanized baling wire near food. Never. As i was told at a young age, It is toxic at any stage...and leave it at that. Better to be safe than sorry.

definitly not, its even worst then smoking from aluminum

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