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There are a couple of vegetables that are perennials and will come back every year, but for the most part vegetables are annuals that need to be replanted every year.

2014-05-17 15:17:39
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Q: Is it true that all vegetables are annual plants and they have to be re grown every year?
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Is it true that all vegetables are annual plants and so have to be re-grown every year?

I have to plant most the veggies I grow every year Except my ASPARAGUS, But is it a VEGGIE ?

What are four plants that are grown on farms in Arizona?

four plants that are grown on crops in Arizona are VEGETABLES, MARIJAUNA

What plants are grown in England?

potatoes, vegetables; and fruits of course !

What plants are grown for food?

pretty much any fruits and vegetables

Fast grown vegetables?

Go to where they throw all of the garbage and get the dirt that's there and put on your plants and in three days you will have vegetables.

Is cucumber plants annual or perennial?

The cucumber is a tropical perennial in zones 10 and warmer. In colder zones, it is grown as an annual.

Fruits and vegetables grown only in Paraguay?

There is many vegetation in Paraguay. You can find many vegetables. Many plants.........Many food....etc...

What types of vegetables can be grown in Hawaii?

All vegetables can be grown in Hawaii.

What leafy vegetables are grown in Israel?

What leafy vegetables are grown in Isreal

How hardy are herb plants in winter?

Most herb plants are grown as annual plants. However the mint family of herbs are considered perennials and are very hardy.

How long does a crysanthemum live?

Crysanthemum are perennial plants but these are grown as seasonal or annual plants. Suckers are stored for growing them vegetatively in the subsequent years.

Did potato grown from its roots?

Potatoes are root vegetables (as are carrots, beets, onions, garlic, ginger, rutabagas, turnips, etc.) Potato plants are usually grown from sprouted potatoes instead of seed (as are onion plants, garlic plants, etc.)

Are there any poisonous vegetables?

There are a number of poisonous plants, but they are not described as vegetables. Only edible plants are called vegetables. But please make sure you don't go picking plants that you are not sure about NEVER risk it. Only eat your own home grown fruit and vegtables. hope that helped! By Narmin

Advantages and disadvantages of greenhouse?

DISADVANTAGES Global Warming, Fruits and Vegetables are ugly, Infection can spread easily if 1 plant if infected, Plants and Vegetables are expensive, and are small in size ADVANTAGES Out-of-Season plants can be grown

What types of vegetables are grown in Zambia?

Almost all well known vegetables are grown in Zambia

Why are fruits and vegetables grown closer to cities?

Fruit and vegetables are grown wherever the ground is suitable.

What food plants are grown in Alberta?

Wheat, Canola, Barley etc.. Many grains. Also, carrots and other vegetables are grown. Wild fruits grow as well.

What vegetables can you plant in pots?

Most vegetable plants can be grown in containers. It is important to have large enough containers so the vegetable plants do not dry out from a lack of water.

What were the original plants grown using hydroponics?

water is essential for every plant. so, no plant will be grow without water,thus the original plants grown using hydroponics,

What vegetables are grown in Panama?

Bananas are grown in Panama!!! Bananas are grown in Panama!!!

What vegetables grow in Hawaii?

All vegetables can be grown in Hawaii.

What vegetables can be grown year round in a green house?

Depending where you live (weather), probably any vegetable can be grown; the purpose of a greenhouse is so plants can be grown year-round, more or less, since they are sheltered and protected.

What kind of crops grown on European manors?

Crops grown on European manors are the same as they would be on any farm. Grapes, corn, wheat, fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants are common.

Can vegetables grow in the desert?

Yes, vegetables can be grown in the desert if irrigated.

What product are grown in Virginia?

grains, beans, and vegetables are grown in Virginia