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No, regular backwashing will remove all debris that gets past the pump basket.


I disagree. The accumulation of dust, dirt bugs, small particles, hair, cosmetics, underarm deodorant and lint that get past the pump basket can and will clog the filter. When the pressure goes up, say 5 to 8 pounds above normal or clean pressure then it is time to back wash. Now, many filters vary on this rule. Some cartridge filters may in fact loose pressure when dirty. There are some systems that just do not change pressure noticeably when dirty. Every or most systems will vary some. BTW, backwashing does not remove all of the D E , dirt, hair, lint etc. There is always some left in the filter no matter how long you or how often you back wash. K

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Q: Is it true that fibers from clothing can clog pool filters?
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Salt water pool filters are the same as fresh water pool filters.

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SAnd is used in sand filters. rocks are not used in pool filters.

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The most common sand used in pool filters is #20 silica sand.

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Hmm, sounds like you need to superchlorinate and/or clean the filter. Gnats or insects do not breed in pool filters.

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Silica sand has glass in it, and it is not to be used in pool filters. You will get the best results when using pool sand.