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you can often see a rounded belly on serious heavy weight body builders, this is just because they have so much muscle build up. if you mean the muscle changing in shape other than mass, no. I have never heard of such a thing.

some people have different shaped muscles. for example, the biceps,, some body builders develop round biceps that look like a Baseball under the skin, others can develop longer muscle that look more like a half subway sandwich, but this is just genetics and not exercise routine.

Actually, the abdominal muscles can become rounded as they grow stronger if you are pushing them out during your exercises. The muscle will eventually take the shape it is in during your exercises, since that is the way you are training your muscle to go. To avoid this, and to correctly do ab work-outs, pull or 'suck' them in while you are working them. This will strengthen them to stay flat instead of bulge outward. !

My dance teacher totally agrees with this. He does not believe in doing stomach crunches for this very reason although he says it does help if you do them while sucking in your stomach muscles. He recommends instead doing isometric contractions in the stomach area to get a flat lean tummy with nice muscle definition. And it obviously has worked for him!

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Q: Is it true that if you do ab exercises the wrong way your abs will be rounded instead of flat?
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