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Yes, I saw it on KaZaA one day while I was downloading old Wrestling videos. Cant remember what it was called, but it was pretty old, and it was HHH pedigreeing someone and completely botching the move. The guy landed almost piledriver like and HHH covered his lifeless body.

AnswerNO the pedigreee is fake, he pushes your head away before it touches the ground. AnswerNo, nobody has died taking the Pedigree. He was hurt pretty bad in the botched one but did not die and actually is wrestling on the Indy Circuit now. Answerit is possible, i also saw that video on kazaa. but if uve noticed, triple h has changed the move a little. before hed go full on and do it, but now he moves the persons head at the last second so it doesnt deliver a deadly blow, the move he does still hurts, i tried it on my friend, he was dazed after he got up. AnswerIt is possible to be killed by the move, but no wrestler in history from day 1 has ever been killed that way, nor have they ever been completely dazed from the move. When the pedigree is applied, you have plenty of room between the legs of the opponent giving it to turn your head to fall the right way. AnswerNo, the guy did not die. And Triple was not the one that botched it.

H's opponent jumped up like he was gonna get hit with a Double Arm Suplex. HHH did not botch it.

AnswerThe pedigree performed today is a safer re-enactment of the move. The original version was a sit-out pedigree, but the match you all are talking about, the guy that received the pedigree just had a broken nose, he wasn't dead. AnswerYeah...I have the video...HHH landed it like a Double-Arm Piledriver straight to his neck...You can see his neck SNAP...
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Q: Is it true that someone has actually died while receiving the Pedigree?
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