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Why would someone buy a car if they had to get out and prime the windshield washer fluid pump just to clean their windshield. Sounds like someone is feeding you some bull just so you will leave them alone about the problem. Check your hoses from your pump to your resevoir, pump may be cracked or not working properly. If you are a shade tree mechanic then you can get a new pump for 30 or 40 bucks or get one from a junk yard cheaper and put it on yourself. It isn't a hard job.

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What soil drains water the best?

looser soil that is not completely packed in.

06 Chrysler pacifica floor wet?

If you have a sunroof, there are drains that go down the side - they get plugged up and need to be cleaned - at least that what happened to mine.

Water gets in your car everytime it rains and you dont know where it comes from?

Water can get in when the firewall flashing is missing outside under the windshield cowling. The water gets into the heater/defroster system and then drains on to the floor.

What is open drains?

When you open drains

What lakes west side drains to the Atlantic and the east side drains to the pacific?

The lake that drains on the west side into the Atlantic and drains on the east side into the Pacific is ISA LAKE.

French Drains?

form_title= French Drains form_header= Install french drains in your home with help from the pros! Are you have a problem with your current drainage system?*= () Yes () No () Not Sure If so, please explain the problem in detail.*= _ [100] Where do you want to install the drain?*= _ [50]

What lake has a west side that drains to the Atlantic and the east side drains to the pacific?

The lake that drains its' west side to the Atlantic and the east side drains to the Pacific is ISA LAKE on the Continental Divide.

What is the fear of pool drains?

There is not a specific name for a phobia that is for the fear of pool drains. However, the fear of pool drains is not an uncommon fear.

Where do toilet drains lead to?

the ocean. All drains lead to the ocean

Are rotary drains necessary for deep baths?

No, regular drains are sufficient.

Is Epsom salts harmful to your drains?

Epsom salt is not harmful for the drains.

What area divides the US into a region where water drains to the east and a region where water drains to the west?

The Continental Divide divides the US into a region where water drains to the east and a region where water drains to the west.

Can ants come up drains?

Yes and they also go down the drains

What structures drains into the collecting tubule?

which of the following structures drains into the collecting tubule

Where do drains lead to?

Drains lead to a septic pit or to a city settling system.

Is drains a noun?

Yes, the word drains is both a noun (plural of drain) and a verb (drain, drains, draining, drained). Example uses: Noun: Call the plumber, the drains are stopped up again. Verb: The mechanic drains the old oil from the engine before putting in the new oil.

The Amazon River drains half of which nation?

It drains nearly 40% of South America.

What is the duration of Staines Down Drains?

The duration of Staines Down Drains is 1440.0 seconds.

How do you prevent breeding in clogged drains?

If the drains are truly clogged, there will be no breeding in them as no one will be able to fit in. If there are gaps and you find people breeding there, clog the drains even more.

Your battery drains on your 1988 Chrysler Fifth Ave you were told it maybe the idle control sensor you had your battery and starter checked by your battery is still draining?

Have you had the alternator tested? It may not be regulating the energy to the battery, causing it to drain

What vein drains the lateral side of the arm?

The cephalic vein drains the lateral side of the arm.

Which river system drains the prairie provinces?

mackenzie river drains half the prairie provinces

What land of Montana drains into the pacific ocean?

The West land of Montana drains into the Pacific Ocean.

Why do we need storm drains?

we need storm drains because it helps the city not over flood

Describe the drainage system of indus valley civilization?

The drainage system was very well maintained. the drains from the houses joined the street drains. these drains were covered with bricks slabs.l