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Not necessarily. That could also be a kidney or bladder infection.

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Q: Is it true that when you are pregnant that there are little white floaters is your urine?
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Can I be pregnant if white stuff in your urine?

Yes :)

Can white blood cells in the urine mean your pregnant?


Is it true that eye floaters are black in older people and white in young people?

No, I have eye floaters and I'm young, and they are black.

What are little white worms in human urine?

pin worm

Is white urine related to sperm?

By white urine you mean clear urine or white because clear urine is just urine but white urine is semen and if you had a "tickling" sensation before it happened then its semen.

What is the milky white substance that comes out along with urine through vaginal opening when a girl is pregnant?

That is your mucus plug !

WHAT ARE White specks in urine?

If you have no other issues, it is normal to have little white specks, and/or a stringy white discharge in your urine. Fat deposits (tiny white lumpy things) are normal. Urinating is a means of discharging waste from the body, and all of the above is common.

What does it mean when your horse has white urine'?

White urine generally has a high mineral concentration. A mare's urine can be white when she is in heat.

What is the white fluffy stuff you are passing in your urine?

What is the white fluffy bits in the urine

Why white cells in urine?

white cells in urine can be a sign of urinary tract infection.

Why does my hamster have white urine?

All hamsters have white milky urine, nothing to worry about.

What if the white blood cell is in the urine?

White blood cells in urine are indicative of an infection.

What does it mean when your urine is white?

If the urine is yellow, it means the urine is more concentrated and contains a lot of waste. But if the urine is white, it means the urine consists of much water rather than waste.

What color should your urine be if you are pregnant?

If you swallowed a baby and on a prenatal vitamin it could be slightly brown, but otherwise, just like normal, pale white.

What does it mean when you have no white cells in your urine?

It means you passed the test. There aren't supposed to be white cells in your urine.

Can leave a cup of first morning urine for 3 hours and if it get a white discharge tell me that I'm pregnant?

Oh God no this is no way to tell you whether you are pregnant or not. Get a real test from the store or get a blood test at the doctor.

Why is your urine colour yellow?


If you are pregnant does white blood cells comes out?

if u are pregnant does white fuild comes out ?

What are the white clots passed in urine?

you are not suppose to have any. see a doctor ASAP! when a person urinates and there are white substances inside of the urine what are they?

What can an abnormally high white blood cell count in urine mean?

White blood cells in the urine can mean a urinary infection.

What is pus in the urine mean in medical terms?

Pus in the urine, or pyuria, refers to the presence of white blood cells in the urine.

Why did the Romans use urine to wash clothes?

The ammonia in urine bleached stains white.

What color is birds' urine?

Bird urine is white, their poop is black. That is why you see black and white bird droppings. Some birds urine is quite thick, not like a liquid at all. Yellow

What could be wrong if you have white bits in your urine?

Hello. You may have a yeast infection or it could be flaky skin from the Uretha causing the white bits in your urine. See your doctor and take a urine sample with you.

What is the indication of increased white blood cells in the urine?

It could be an indicator of an infection in the urinary tract. What does it mean if there is white blood cells in your urine?