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Is it true that you are not in menopause until you go one full year without a period?


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You should talk to your doctor about this. All women are different. Also talk to your mum.

AnswerIt is usually accepted that you are not past menopause until you have gone 2 years without a period if you are under 50 and 1 year without a period if you are over 50.

Incidentally my grandmother and mother both had their last period at 42 and I was 43. We were very lucky and none of us had any symptoms except stopping our periods. My 44 year old sister is still having regular periods.


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The clearest indication of menopause is the absence of a period for one full year. It is also possible to diagnose menopause by testing hormone levels.

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As soon as you notice some irregularity in your periods, you might be starting the process, which is called peri-menopause. That will be your condition for as long as you have period, which could be anywhere from 5 to 15 years depending on all factors of your health and family history. When you have not had a period for a full 12 months, you would then be considered in full menopause. In fact, once you've gone the year without a period (or spotting), you are actually Post-menopausal. Talk to other women and discuss everything about menopause at Join the forum and ask questions of a qualified doctor.

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If you had a full Hysterectomy, you are already through Menopause, nothing left to do..

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Pre-menopause and menopause symptoms are very similar including mood changes, difficulty controling temperature, and other hormanal issues. With menopause they are more pronounced.

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