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I don't think you'd be asking if you weren't questioning the relationship already. People can obtain divorces, no matter the emotional/financial aspects. If someone truly wants to be another person, they will end the relationship they're currently in. Any number of people love selfishly and don't want to make hard choices or be held accountable. If you want to see how he really feels, end the relationship with him and tell him he can call you when he gets his divorce. He's cheating two children here--unless his wife knows about his affair, he has to sneak around to establish any relationship with your daughter. As long as this man chooses to stay in his wife, your daughter has an occasional father, someone who can be counted on to deny her existence to his family and friends, to not pay child support. Your daughter will be curious about her dad's other family--and feel hurt and resentful of the time he shares with them (his other child will feel the same way about you and your daughter.) Both kids are going to feel second place to their father's needs.

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Can someone explain to men how painful it is to experience menses?

We're not getting involved in your argument.

Why are muscle cramps so painful?

because of the spasm the muscle involved is experiencing. it's like the muscle gets twisted so you can hardly move it and when you do it is painful.

My daughter has a bump on the back right side of her head that is painful when touched what could it be?

If a child has a bump on the head that is painful to the touch, you should seek medical attention. This can range from a fall or a tumor.

How do you get your daughter out of a bad relationship if she thinks it is ok?

this happened to me i was the daughter you call department of human services, they may take her away to a refuge or foster care, in time she will come around, as painful as it is to watch

Is a brain MRI with contrast painful?

There is no pain involved in the MRI. The venous access to inject gadolinium involves a intravenous catheter.

Does it hurt real bad on the back tramp stamp?

According to my daughter, it's about average for a tattoo. The place that is most painful is on the top of the foot.

Does the groom need permission from the brides family to marry her?

If the young woman you want to get engaged to is of age (18 or older) then no, you do not need the permission of the parents. However, it is kudos for the young man to talk to the father about marrying his daughter (an old custom) as fathers are losing a daughter and the thought you would ask his permission for his daughter's hand in marriage would please him and make it less painful when he gives his daughter's hand away to you at the wedding ceremony.

What two human body systems work together to respond to painful stimuli?

nervous system and the brian

What are some risks involved in labiaplasty surgery?

Some of the risks involved in labiaplasty surgery are getting an infection, possible bleeding, Hematoma or blood clots, separation of the wound, painful scars and possibility of further surgeries.

What is the most painful arthritis?

All forms of arthritis in the joints in particular can be painful, the amount of pain involved depends on the damage that the disease is causing to the the body. However it seems that the the most painful form of arthritis is the disease referred to as gouty arthritis which is the result of the formation of uric acid crystals usually in the peripheral joints of the body.

Is painful a noun?

No, painful an adjective, a word that describes a noun (a painful injury, a painful situation).

When two people really love each other but they just can't seem to get it together when is enough enough?

The painful and often unbareable truth is that if neither of you can get it together,then you probably were not meant to be.

Do you have to get a needle if you get a filling for your teeth?

No. However, depending on how deep the cavity is, the procedure can be quite painful. The pain involved can far exceed that of the injection of a local anesthetic.

Is it painful when you deliver a baby?

Yes, there is pain involved when you deliver a baby. Some people may experience more or less pain than others.

What is the comparative and superlative to the word painful?

more painful, most painful

What is involved in hernia repair surgery?

In hernia repair surgery is involved any other risk of a surgery, such as excessive bleeding and infection. Hernia repair surgery can also be very painful, depending whether it is abdominal or inguinal hernia.

How do you tell your ex and father of your child you are getting married?

Not knowing the cause of your divorce, I must admire your consideration. Most women in your position would not consider an ex's feelings. But no matter how you will announce your plans, your marriage - and I must assume that you have the child - is going to be a painful experience for your ex. I would approach it like this: "I know how much you care for your son/daughter but I have found someone who cares for me. And you must understand that I do not want to be alone. I want to share my life with someone." Continue like this: "Of course, your son/daughter will always be 'your' son/daughter. I would always want you to have a relationship with your son/daughter. But I hope you understand my position. I want a home for our son/daughter that provides him/her with a feeling of security. I hope that you can understand that." Use your own words. But the above should be the thrust of your explanation.

Does tdap shots hurt?

Yes, the TDaP vaccination can hurt. The injection itself may be painful, and the area may be swollen, red, and mildly painful for up to 2 or 3 days afterward. Obviously, if you are allergic to the vaccine (which is uncommon, but it happens), there will be more pain involved.

How painful is a shin fracture?


How painful is labor?

Very painful!

Is drowning a painful death?

It is painful

How painful is severe migraine?


Your daughter had Braxton Hicks contactions the other night but they were painful is this unusual should she call her doctor?

No, it's not unusual. Braxton Hicks are normally quite painful no they are not usually painful! they are normally just uncomfortable. its the real contractions that start to hurt. occasionally i believe braxton hicks can cause very minor pain, but mostlythey are just tight and uncomfortable and sometimes feels like period cramps.

A totally fell for a married man please don't judge me I have been feeling miserable enough already Him and his wife are supposed to have an open marriage How many men actually leave their wives?

Not a good deal for you, open marriage or not. That is because you should want the "whole enchilada" and he is unavailable, regardless of what he says about his marriage. Even if he should divorce, that is a long, painful process and you already know he is not willing to be monogamous in marriage. Cut your losses.

How do you spell painful?

That is the correct spelling of "painful."