Is it wrong to go through your boyfriend's cell phone to see who he has been calling or what types of text messages he has received?

Invasion of privacy between adults is wrong. No doubt. Even if he's cheating, you're not "right." However, if he IS cheating, then you have a right to know. The following is bold, not sneaky: ask him to SHOW you his cell phone for your own peace of mind. If he accuses you of jealousy, that would be a true statement, and you could admit to that. BUT, you can also tell him that if he cares for you, he will ease your mind by showing you what you want to see. If he has no text messages in there and they have been deleted there is foul play. In that case I would just check his cell phone when you can. If you were married to him, I would check his voice mail. Ask him for his code. If he won't give it to you, kick him, you can't trust him He shouldn't care if there is no lying between you two about other people. But he may want some things to be his own business. If I were you, I would only want a relationship where I wouldn't want to go through his stuff. Actually, he might find it offensive or feel like a small kid if someone was continually keeping track of his stuff. The only reason it would be alright is if you needed a number you both used mutually maybe for an emergency, or to make something more convenient for the both of you. It should be an understood situation, and there should be no question of right or wrong.