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Is kitty liter harmful to kittens if eaten?

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No it isn't it justs comes out there poo later on my kitten done it and she was fine.

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The world record I think is 19. Wow. Poor mommy kitty. The record for all the kittens in a litter surviving is 14.

No you can't use kitty liter because it is only uses for cats.

No, it cannot melt ice.

cats can have from 4-6 kittens a liter

The SI volume is spelled liter or litre.The word for trash or refuse on the ground is litter(also a set of newborn puppies or kittens).

The size of a common kitty litter bag.

It wouldn't hide the scent as good but It wouldn't hurt :)

ml=mili liter mili=1000 1000 ml = 1 l 15000 ml = 15 l this is, of course, assuming you mean "liter", and not kittens.

just put the kittens on the litter box, they will catch on immediately, cats are predisposed to use a litter box and groom themselves.They will not catch on you should put a tray with cat liter or newspaper and make sure the do not eat it.

possibly the mother realizes the kitten is sickly or weaker than the other kittens and she has separated them. perhaps she does have enough milk to feed all and made her decision to lessen the liter. nature takes over-there is a reason.

Usually the number of kittens in a litter is about 5. You really needs to research the breed to be sure. If you actually meant a liter/litre, there doesn't seem to be any readily available information on the volume of an average kitten. Briefly submerging a large enough sample of kittens in water, measuring how much water they displaced, and then working out a per-kitten average would be the easiest way to measure the volume of an average kitten, and from there it could be worked out how many average kittens are in a litre.

250 ml to 1 liter per day depending upon what's been eaten that day.

when my cat was pregnant she got in her kitty litter box and gave birth to a still born kitten there. idk, but maybe they believe that's where the dead are to be buried.

Kitty litter should not really be used for bunnies. Cat litter tends to be of the "clumping" variety and as bunnies have a tendency to eat their litter they can ingest this only to have it form into a clump in the GI tract. This kind of GI blockage will kill your bunny. It is best to use, newspaper, wood shavings, or paper pulp (such as megazorb or carefresh).

There are a few ways to keep control of the smell. Clean the litter box regularly There are special litter box deodorizers you can spray, powder, or fill in or around the litter box. You can find these at any pet store. You can find kitty litter that blocks odor to a degree, or kitty litter with good scents.

kittens are really to small to be let outside until the are about 4-6 months, or they are very likely to be killed. until then, invest in a small liter box. if you clean it everyday, their will be minimal smell.

1 deci liter = 1/10 liter = .1 liter

A millionth of a liter is a micro liter.

fill three liter can to the top empty contents into five liter can fill three liter can again empty into five liter can leaving one liter in the three liter can empty five liter can pour the remaining liter from three liter can into five liter can fill three liter can again and empty into five liter can leaving exactly 4 liters

Micro Liter is 1/1000000 th of a liter or 1 millionth of a liter. So liter is million times greater than a micro liter

A liter is a measurement of volume, so a liter of dirt is a liter of dirt. 1 liter = 1000 milliliters.

125 ml = 1 liter 1 liter + 0.125 liter = 1.125 liters

liter 1 liter = 2.11 pints 1 pint = 0.47 liter

A liter 1 liter = 100 centiliters 1 centiliter = 0.01 liter