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I would go see a doctor straight away there find out what the problem is

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Is bleeding a symptom of cervical cancer?

Yes, abnormal bleeding, or having blood in your urine is a symptom of cervical cancer.

Is internal bleeding a symptom of cancer?

The most frequent cause of internal bleeding is cancer, but it's not the only cause.

Is nosebleed a symptom of cancer?

Any cancer or cancer treatment that changes the vicosity of your blood can result in "nose bleeds", internal bleeding, and bleeding from your gums.

What is the definition of endometrial cancer?

It is a cancer that is around the lining of a Uterus. That is also called the Entometrium. If you are having abnormal uterin bleeding, that is a possible symptom of endometrial cancer.

If I am menopausal and experiencing vaginal bleeding and pain could it be cancer?

That is one possibility; consider an infection, though.



Can teens get vaginal cancer?

Teens can get vaginal cancer. Cervical cancer is one of the most common types of vaginal cancer and it can affect girls of all ages.

What are signs of uterine cancer and do diet changes help?

If you have any unusual bleeding or discharge, this can be an early sign of uterine cancer but as there may be other reasons for this symptom, check with your doctor.

Can a wound in the vagina cause cancer or an STD?

A wound will not cause cancer or a STD. A wound can make it easier to catch an STD if you have sex with someone who's infected. A vaginal wound that doesn't heal promptly may also be a symptom of cancer.

Could a pimple on the breast be a breast cancer symptom?

No, a pimple on the breast can not be a symptom of breast cancer.

Is bleeding in stools signs of cancer?

Bleeding in the stools can be a sign of cancer and should be referred to a doctor. Most bleeding in stools is not cancer. Most cases are swollen hemorrhoid veins leaking, or excess roughage in the diet irritating the colon. Often blood in the stool occurs with overuse of aspirin or ibuprofen. Prolonged vomiting spells, pregnancy, etc., can also cause this. This is also a symptom for very bad ulcers. It can be a symptom of liver damage from alcohol abuse. A doctor visit is called for.

Can ovarian cancer cause vaginal bleeding?

Not always. The more typical symptoms would be lower back aches. A sense of bloating of the lower abdomen.

Can you get cancer from bleeding hemorrhoids?

Bleeding hemorrhoids do not cause cancer. Hemorrhoids do not transform into cancer, either.

Why have you not had a period?

A you could be to young, B vaginal problems, C cancer To young Cancer Vaginal Problems Pregnant

What kind of cancer is it called if it's on your vagina?

Vaginal cancer is a rare cancer that occurs in your vagina - the muscular tube that connects your uterus with your outer genitals. Vaginal cancer most commonly occurs in the cells that line the surface of your vagina.Cancer that begins in your vagina (primary vaginal cancer) is very rare. Women with early-stage vaginal cancer have the best chance for a cure. Vaginal cancer that spreads beyond the vagina is much more difficult to treat.Cervical cancer is cancer of the cervix, a small structure at the top of the vagina and base of the uterus.

What are the symotoms of cervical cancer?

The early stages of cervical cancer may be completely hidden (you have no obvious symptoms). but some people have vaginal bleeding, contact bleeding or (rarely) a vaginal mass may indicate the presence of malignancy. Also, moderate pain during sexual intercourse and vaginal discharge may be symptoms of cervical cancer. In advanced disease, lumps of cancer may be present in the abdomen, lungs or elsewhere. Symptoms of advanced cervical cancer may include: loss of appetite, weight loss, fatigue, pelvic pain, back pain, leg pain, single swollen leg, heavy bleeding from the vagina, leaking of urine or faeces from the vagina, and bone fractures. If you are worried you may have cervical cancer it is important for you to go and see a qualified medical practitioner (a doctor) as soon as possible. Treated early it is curable but if left it may be fatal.

Is shingles symptom of underlying cancer?


Can virgins have vaginal cancer?


What is the main symptom of anal cancer?

The main symptoms of anal cancer would be extreme itching, pain, and bleeding near one's anus. A change in one's bowel habits or even general discomfort could also be symptoms.

Are there any diseases in which hairloss is a symptom?


Is nausea a symptom of cervical cancer?


Is bloating a symptom of rectal cancer?


What is the symptom of cancer?

Sudden weight loss

Is bloody nose symptom of lung cancer?


What medical conditions render a woman uneligible for hormone replacement therapy?

breast cancer; cancer of the uterus; heart disease; abnormal vaginal bleeding that has not been diagnosed; high blood pressure that rises when HRT is used; liver disease