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Is nah2po4 an acid salt or basic salt or normal salt?


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Sodium hydrogen phosphate is an acid.

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NaH2PO4 is an acidic salt.

An acid salt has the pH in water solution under 7; and is inverse for a basic salt.

Actually, it will probably tend to form basic salts. Ethanoic acid is a weak acid, so when it reacts with a strong base, it will form a basic salt.

Na2HPO4 is acidic salt. Acidic salts are salts formed by partial neutralization of acid with base. In such salts H2 atom is not replaced from acid.

a salt may be neutral ,acidic or basic but a salt can neither be alkali or a strong acid.

i don't , it seem be an acid NaH2PO4, Sodium dihydrogen phosphate, is an acid. The two hydrogen atoms can dissociate and lower the ph of a solution. That is to make it more acidic. Once all the hydrogen atoms that can dissociate have been replaced by sodium Na. the formula will look like this Na3PO4, at that point it would be called a 'salt' with a neutral ph.

Salt can be neutral, acidic, or basic. Salts are formed through the reaction of an acid and a base. If the reaction involves a strong acid and a strong base, the resulting salt is neutral (like NaCl table salt). A weak acid and a strong base result in a basic salt, and a strong acid and a weak base form an acid salt.

acidic salt basic salt normal salt

Potassium chloride is a neutral salt.

No, sodium chloride has no acid-base properties.

No, It is a salt that has no acidic or basic properties.

It is a salt that is weakly basic.

it is a salt of weak base, ammonium hydroxide and strong acid ,hydrobromic acid. Therefore this salt is acidic in nature.

When mixing an acid and a base you will get a salt and water solution (But this is not the normal water that you would drink or, the normal salt you would put on your chips) . Here is the word equation; acid+ base= salt+ water.

NaF, sodium fluoride, is a salt and is weakly basic.

RbF is a mildly basic salt.

Soaps are basic products.

Basic salt is salts made of the neutralization of a weak acid. Salt can be put on foods.

Road salt is sodium chloride. It is a neutral salt and neither acidic nor basic

Sodium fluoride is a basic salt.

It is a salt that is very mildly basic.

No it is a salt, which is weakly basic in solution.

No. HCOOK is potassium formate, which is a mildly basic salt.

No. K3PO4, potassium phosphate is a salt and it is basic.

because it is a combination of acid radical & a basic radical.

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