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I've never heard of them causing numbness, but most likely you should have them taken out. Most people need them out. You should go see a dentist or a regular doctor to find out about the numbness.

Answernumbness on the side of the face can be many things, if it gets worse or persists it is highly recommended you go to your doctor.

also what kind of numbness? is it on the whole side of the face? does your eyelid droop? , is it just loss of feeling or do you have any motor deficets such as not able to move the muscles on that side the same as the other side. If you have any motor deficits, drooping eyelid, wide spread numbness, ect go to your doctor asap.

AnswerWhether you have numbness on the side or not, it is good to get your wisdom teeth pulled. Its better to do it while your young, rather than old. Numbness on the jaw could be a good sigh to get your wisdom teeth removed. AnswerWisdom teeth that are growing in improperly can put pressure on the lingual nerve that runs through your mandible (jawbone) on that particular side of your face. This can cause numbness and loss of feeling on one side of your face.

For example, if your left lower wisdom tooth was putting pressure on your left lingual nerve, you would experience numbness at the lower left corner of your mouth, left half of your chin, and part of your left cheek. You may also experience 'shocks', or an occasional sudden sharp feeling in the same area.

Of course, wisdom teeth aren't the only possible cause of damage to these nerves, but they are probably the most common.

Seeing a dentist or oral surgeon immediately about the issue is the best course of action. It is unlikely that whatever is interfering with the nerve is likely to 'get better' without treatment, and the risk of permanent feeling loss will increase.

AnswerSometimes, a tooth infection that is located near a major nerve of the face can cause numbness to that region. This can also be the case of the wisdom tooth infection.

But numbness to the face can also be the result of other things too. It is advisable to have it checked by a professional.

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Q: Is numbness of the jaw and the side of the face a sign that you should have your wisdom teeth removed?
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