Is p90x circuit training

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: Is p90x circuit training
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P90x. i know you need pull up bar dumbbells a mat and a chair. anything els i would need for p90x?

Besides what you already mentioned you also use the long stretch bands for certain activities involved in the P90X training.

Where can I find new workout routines to see results?

P90x has a 13 video routine program broken down specifically to see results, from resistance training, cardio, abs, and body weight training. P90x is also used with minimal equipment.

Which is better superset or circuit training?

circuit training

Can you just do the strength training portion of p90x?

Yes! You can. I just do the strength section and I do cardio outside.

Can I do cardio training at home?

There is a variety of cardio training you can do at home. A great source of excercises that can give intensive cardio training can be found on the P90X dvd. The instructor shows you various techniques to intensify your cardio training.

Is P90X for girls?

P90X if for boys and girls!

Do fitness centers offer circuit training?

Circuit training is described as short and sweet which is why most people use it and most well known fitness centers are offering circuit training. Some fitness centers even specialize in circuit training.

What is the p90x calendar?

The P90x calendar is the work out schedule. When you purchase P90x you will receive 13 DVDs. The P90x calendar tells you which discs to do on what day based on which week your on.

Training for exercising stomach and thigh muscles?

Yes. There definitely is. You could try things such as P90X which is a home program where you can buy discs and you watch them. Another example of that is INSANITY. Which is just like P90X. Trying to get a personal trainer also can help.

Are there any websites that could help me find p90x nutrition plan?

The best website to find the P90X nutrition plan is Not only is this the home of P90X, but when you get to the P90X page, there is a menu on the bottom in which you can "learn more about P90X nutrition".

How can circuit training be aerobic?


Do you have to use Power 90 before using P90X?

You do not have to use Power 90 to use P90x. However if you feel P90x is too much, then you should try Power 90 and then return to P90x.