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10w30 I would continue to use the 5w30 that was recommended by the manufacturer. One reason someone would say to use the heavier oil is that you have oil leaks in the engine and this will help -- or the piston rings are not operating as well and heavy oil will help... well THEY are mistaken. The compression will climb because of the thicker oil...BUT that is not a good thing in this case... the engine then has to work harder to turn in that heavier oil and the heavier oil will just gum up and clog more things that the engine was not designed for -- thus making life harder for the old engine. Use the Manufacturer's recommendation of 5W30 -- even if it is an older engine with more miles on it...the oil guys are just "upselling" the oil for older cars ideas to people. PS. it got to 169000 miles on 5w30, didn't it?

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โˆ™ 2006-03-02 01:19:46
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Q: Is pennzoil platinum 5w30 motor oil recommended for a 1991 Honda accord with 169000 miles?
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What oil for 2007 Honda accord 6-cylinder?

5w20. I personally use Pennzoil in my 2004 Accord.

What oil do you use for a 2004 Honda accord lx?

5w20 weight any major brand. I use Pennzoil in my 2004 Accord and a Purolator filter.

What kind of motor oil goes in a 1983 Honda Accord?

10w30 Weight any premium brand. I use Pennzoil and highly recommend it.

What oil for 95 accord lx?

10w30 Pennzoil would be my recommendation. The filter is just as important. Use a quality filter such as Wix or Purolator.

What brand name of motor oil is used in a Honda Accord?

You can use any name brand oil in your Honda. I use Pennzoil but that is my choice.

What kind of motor oil does 2003 Honda accord take?

5w20 weight. The brand you use is your choice. I personally use Pennzoil but all major brands are good.

What is the recommended octane gas for a 2001 Honda accord v6?


What is the recommended oil viscosity for a 1987 Honda Accord?

SAE 10w30.

What kind of oil is best for 1994 Honda Accord LX?

5w30 any major brand. I personally have used Pennzoil for over 35 years and have had no internal engine problems.

What type of oil for 2001 Honda accord?

Any name brand 5w30 weight oil and a quality filter such as Wix or Purolator. I use Pennzoil oil and Purolator filter.

What kind of oil does a 1994 Honda Accord Sedan take?

10w30 any major brand. I personally use Pennzoil and have for over 40 years with not one internal engine problem.

What is the recommended spark plug gap for a 1988 Honda Accord lx?


What type of fuel is recommended for 1986 Honda Accord?

Regular unleaded 87 octane.

How do you flush the engine on a 1997 Honda Accord?

Do you mean flush the oil (not recommended) or flush the coolant?

What octane fuel is recommended for a 2000 Honda Accord LX with V6 engine?

86 or higher

What is the voltage on speed senor on 1993 accord?

There is no recommended voltage. As long as there is continuity, it's working.

What kinda of oil goes in a 2014 Honda Accord?

SAE 0W-20 any major brand. As 0W-20 weight oil is only manufactured as a Synthetic oil you will have to purchase Synthetic. I highly recommend Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic which is what I use in my 2013 Honda Accord. Purchase a 5 quart jug to save money. Your Honda will take 4.5 quarts. Also purchase a quality oil filter and change the filter when you change the oil. Change your oil when the oil minder reaches 20%.

What brake fluid is recommended for 2001 Honda Accord?

DOT3 Look on the top of the master cylinder cap.

What type of air filter for an accord 91?

Fram Air Filters are the recommended brand for a 91 Honda Accord. The filters run about $14 and are available at any auto parts store.

How much transmission fluid is recommended for 99 Honda Accord?

When changing the transmission fluid of a car, it is important to know its capacity. A 1999 Honda Accord with hold 4 liters of ATF fluid.

What air filter is recommended on a 2001 Honda Accord LX with 2.3L?

Purolator A25248 is an excellent quality filter.

What are the best spark plugs to use in a 1993 Honda Accord?

NGK Iridium if you don't mind paying $9 or more per plug. I personally like Bosch and have Bosch Platinum +2 in my 92 Accord.

Is it safe to buy a pre owned honda accord?

Yes, as long the accord is purchased from a reliable pre owned motor vehicle dealer. It is recommended to test drive it first and ask for the carfax as well.

When should the 2004 accord timing chain be replaced?

I would go with the recommended service interval found in the Owner's Manual.

What is the correct tire pressure for 1997 Honda accord?

The recommended tire pressure for the 1997 Honda Accord is 32 PSI. Drivers are encouraged to make sure their tires are adequately inflated to reduce fuel consumption.