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10w30 I would continue to use the 5w30 that was recommended by the manufacturer. One reason someone would say to use the heavier oil is that you have oil leaks in the engine and this will help -- or the piston rings are not operating as well and heavy oil will help... well THEY are mistaken. The compression will climb because of the thicker oil...BUT that is not a good thing in this case... the engine then has to work harder to turn in that heavier oil and the heavier oil will just gum up and clog more things that the engine was not designed for -- thus making life harder for the old engine. Use the Manufacturer's recommendation of 5W30 -- even if it is an older engine with more miles on it...the oil guys are just "upselling" the oil for older cars ideas to people. PS. it got to 169000 miles on 5w30, didn't it?

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โˆ™ 2006-03-02 01:19:46
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Q: Is pennzoil platinum 5w30 motor oil recommended for a 1991 Honda accord with 169000 miles?
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