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Is permission needed to run a raffles?

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Yes, in some States, Cities, Counties, Townships, you need a licence.

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What are the places named after Sir Stanford Raffles?

Raffles hospital Raffles Institute Raffles Medical Centre Raffles Place MRT station Raffles Hotel Stamford Road Swissotel Stamford

What are the interesting fact about sir stamford raffles?

Sir Stamford Raffles is the founder of Singapore. His first statue was originally built in front of the Victoria Theatre and Concert hall, way back in 1919. The Raffles College, Raffles Instituition, Raffles Hotel, raffles City and Raffles Place was too, named after Sir Stamford Raffles.

Whose permission did catherine of aragon and Henry need to marry?

he needed the pope's permission

Why is raffles place named after Raffles?

It is to honour Sir Stamford Raffles who is considered the modern founder of Singapore.

When did raffles buy Singapore?

Raffles never bought Singapore.

What are 5 qualities of sir Stamford raffles?

Raffles is visionary

When was Raffles Hospital created?

Raffles Hospital was created in 2002.

When was Raffles Hotel created?

Raffles Hotel was created in 1887.

When was Raffles Dubai created?

Raffles Dubai was created in 2007.

Why did Raffles chose Singapore?

Raffles chose Singapore for a trading settlement

Why is raffles statue in black and white?

raffles family has indian and chinese

What is the duration of The Return of Raffles?

The duration of The Return of Raffles is 1.18 hours.

When was Gerry Raffles born?

Gerry Raffles was born in c. 1924.

When did Gerry Raffles die?

Gerry Raffles died in 1975 of diabetes.

Where did Raffles build his home?

The character, A.J. Raffles, was from the 1899 novel by E.W. Hornung. The 1939 movie "Raffles" had David Niven in it. There were several plays with the name "Raffles, the Amateur Cracksman." The setting is Edwardian England.

Can an employer reveal my wages to another company if I have not given permission?

If you filled out an application for a job, you signed a paper giving them permission to inquire about you. No other permission is needed.

What are positive characteristics of sir Stanford thomas Raffles?

raffles is very rich

When was Raffles Design Institute created?

Raffles Design Institute was created in 1990.

When did Thomas Raffles Davison die?

Thomas Raffles Davison died in 1937.

When was Thomas Raffles Davison born?

Thomas Raffles Davison was born in 1853.

When was Stamford Raffles born?

Stamford Raffles was born on 1781-07-06.

Where is raffles hotel at?

Raffles Hotel is a luxury hotel in Singapore, opened in 1887

What has the author Thomas Stamford Raffles written?

Thomas Stamford Raffles has written: 'Memoirs of the life and ministry of the Rev. Thomas Raffles, D.D., LL.D.'

What qualifications are needed to run for congressman?

what qualifications are needed to run for u.s. congressman

What actors and actresses appeared in Saving Raffles - 1917?

The cast of Saving Raffles - 1917 includes: Fred Evans as Pimple Joe Evans as Raffles

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