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Is radio advertising useful in business advertising?


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Depending on your budget.

Radio advertising and Television could be very costly.

But if you need to reach a wide audience in your area, then radio advertising works.

However, with over 1.6 BILLION internet users, you must also use Internet advertising.

There are many free advertising sites available such as , , facebook, twitter and etc.

Use the best of both worlds .

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Advertising banner purpose is to attract maximum people/traffic to a certain product. useful for any business or organization. Today the most powerful weapon to make your business successful is banner advertising.

a radio is useful to your live because of its peaceful music and when disasters are around, their are missing people, or you just want to hear the news the radio can help you plus for some business men the radio is a helpful way to advertise your product , store, or your business.

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The minimum length of a radio advertising campaign to be effective is 12 weeks. With proper frequency, consistency, and reach along with a compelling message a 12 week radio advertising campaign should provide a substantial return on investment for any given business.

The purpose of business to business advertising is to advertise products that businesses might want to buy. An example of business to business advertising would be advertising copier machines.

Radio advertising is just words,and tv advertising has words and picture.

When a business operation buys time on radio or TV to advertise its products or services, that is called broadcast advertising. If the ads appear in newspapers or magazines, that is called print advertising. Etc.

Contextual advertising is useful for a business, in order to grab a hold of the interest of teens and young adults. These are mostly found on popular sites such as Facebook, tumblr, twitter, and youtube.

A degree in advertising is extremely useful if you want to get a job in this area. However, getting such a specific qualification may damage your career if you decide that you would rather work in general marketing, business or some other area.

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The cost of radio advertising, in the country of the Philippines, is dependent upon the location of the radio station. Advertising can cost as little as $10 and is much as thousands of dollars.

Community radio gets sponsored by the community. i.e. (local) government). Community radio therefore has no profit target Commercial radio is like a normal business; earning money with advertising, using that money to make radio programs. When radio programs get a lot of listeners advertising in those programs gets more expensive (basic economic law) which means an increase in profit for the commercial radio station

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Advertising has many benefits depending on the business. You will be able to draw more customers to your business, limitations will depend on the type of advertising you choose.

this is the same question as if you wanted an education if you were in the nba or nfl there really is no education needed business and advertising would be useful

I always do outdoor advertising to improve my business and its branding. Only when we do a good advertising we will be able to spread our business to more number people.

I can't help you with the question of whether "legally" they can, but speaking from 22 years experience on the would never happen. Advertisers are the station's customer. If they choose to pull their advertising, that's bad news, but hopefully not the end of the relationship. We would hope to do business again someday. Can they? Probably not. Would they? No.

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Advertising media is the channel a company uses to get their advertising to customers. Television and radio are some examples of advertising media.

If someone is looking for tips on free business advertising, they should get a book from the library on starting a small business. Even if they have an established business, books on starting a small business have sections on free advertising.

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Abate your negative advertising of my business, or you could be liable for false advertising.

Radio is useful for the older generation, if somebody is unable to see/watch the television radio is the next best thing!

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