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Is removable pool fencing required during installation?


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2009-06-07 04:34:05
2009-06-07 04:34:05

Larry, Most requirements will come from your local code enforcement, so this question would be best answered by them. Generally speaking, most areas do require fencing during and after construction, a permanent type fence around the yard with a lockable gate. Removable fencing is most often used right at the pool's edge, to protect small children and pets while in the back yard. I highly recommend both! You may well prevent an accidental death. No one is going to thank you for saving a life with it, but they WILL blame you if you don't! Ask your insurance man what he thinks. It seems way too simple to me. Please get the fence. Bryant

I'm gonna have to add not only lockable but SELF CLOSING gate. And I demand that you get the fence. Not getting the fence could mean losing your house and all your belongings through lawsuits which will seem to never end.


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