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That sounds like a maintenance item that would be the homeowner's responsibility. Insurance covers damage, not normal wear and tear or deterioration.

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Q: Is replacement of the lead pan in a shower stall that is leaking insurable?
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An architect has submitted plans for a shower stall. The client wants to know if the shower stall is shaped like an isosceles trapezoid. Which statement is true?

WXYZ is a trapezoid......

Do you have to put backer board behind the tub below the shower stall area?

No you not have to put backer board behind the tub below the shower stall area. You only need to use it behind the walls of the shower stall.

How tall is a typical stall shower door?

A typical shower door is 72".

Can shower head be installed above shower stall?

You can put it at any height. Unless there is some other reason not to, something structural, I always put them above the shower stall for taller people.

What is height of standard shower stall?

72" in a stall. allow about 12 in for vapor circulation or you get moldy grout

Is it safe to have electrical wiring behind a shower wall?

On wiring a house it is common practice to have other circuits in the wall cavity passing by the built in shower stall. Electrical outlets that face outward from the shower stall wall that service another room is also common practice. There is no danger from electrical shock as the shower is isolated from the wires by wall board and usually ceramic tiles that make up the shower stall or in some cases a fiberglass shower enclosure.

What is a 4 piece bathroom?

it has a toilet, sink, shower and tub. (if it has a shower stall and no tub it is called a 3 piece)

cleaning my shower stall?

There are many products you'll find to clean your shower stall at the grocery store. Once you have it all removed, a great mold preventative is to spray some vinegar water in your shower stall after each use. Also be sure to use your bathroom fan, and to keep it running long after you've finished bathing.

Why would a 1996 sebring stall and rev up in idle?

intake gasket is leaking

Can you install a light fixture in a shower stall?

Yes.Have insralled many in yachts.

What rod or rod brackets can you use for a shower curtain in an arched stall?

it will poo

How do you convert a tub to a shower stall?

To convert a tub into a shower buy doors set them in and level them. then caulk the bottom piece of the door frame. buy a shower head and install a faucet to the shower head

What is the definition of shower plumbing?

Shower is water that is sprayed over someone. Plumbing is the fixtures and piping that supplies water in a building. Shower plumbing would be the fixtures that spray water in a bathtub/shower stall.

How do you remove a glass shower door from a shower stall?

Lift off of overhead track On a shower stall that pivots, there is usually an adjustment screw on the top pivot bracket. Loosen it and with the door open lean the door away from the side jamb. This will let you lift it out of the bottom and then out all the way.

Were do you find the cat on 24carrot island on poptropica?

He is in the house in the shower stall. To get him out, turn the faucet.

What should one use to clean a glass shower stall?

There are a number of things that can be used to clean the glass on a shower stall. It has been said that one can use dryer sheets to clean as they are known to repel water deposits. There are also Mr. Clean sponges that are made specifically for shower glass and these work amazingly well.

There is a Dirty Sock smell coming from two vents in your central air What could it be?

do you have children? could it be dirty socks? >>>>> I once had a service call similar to yours. It turned out the air duct to the Master bedroom ran under the shower stall in the Master Bath. The shower drain was leaking waste water onto and into the duct which as you can imaging created a terrible odor.

Are there stick on lights appropriate for use in a shower stall?

there are exterior stick on lights that will do fine in that moisture

Do you have a rubber strip that fits a triangle shower stall?

A rubber strip that fits a triangle shower stall is very hard to find, but there are still companies that make them. The best way to make a triangle strip for a safety mat in the shower is to cut one from another square rubber strip. Make sure to cut a hole in it for the drain.

How far in should the shower curtain hang?

A shower curtain should hang enough inside of the tub or shower stall to keep the water from running outside. Usually an inch and a half or two inches is enough.

Should the riser in my new shower stall be attached to a support with a drop-eared elbow?


What is the standard height for shower bar?

Depends which code your using ADA / barrier free design or local codes? In a shower stall figure 3' 6" - 4 feet

Will homeowners insurance cover leaky shower pans?

General answer would be no. My policy specifically excludes water damage from seepage from or around a plumbing fixture such as tub or shower stall.

Is it legal without bathtub but stall shower only in the bathroom in new york city?

its not legal but it would be weird

How do you find square feet of shower stall?

Measure the length and width of the floor in the stall. Multiply (length) x (width). If you measured them in feet, then that's your answer. If you measured them in inches, then divide by 144, and that's your answer.