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Is replacement of the lead pan in a shower stall that is leaking insurable?


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2004-11-09 20:25:26
2004-11-09 20:25:26

That sounds like a maintenance item that would be the homeowner's responsibility. Insurance covers damage, not normal wear and tear or deterioration.


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No you not have to put backer board behind the tub below the shower stall area. You only need to use it behind the walls of the shower stall.

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A typical shower door is 72".

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You can put it at any height. Unless there is some other reason not to, something structural, I always put them above the shower stall for taller people.

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72" in a stall. allow about 12 in for vapor circulation or you get moldy grout

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On wiring a house it is common practice to have other circuits in the wall cavity passing by the built in shower stall. Electrical outlets that face outward from the shower stall wall that service another room is also common practice. There is no danger from electrical shock as the shower is isolated from the wires by wall board and usually ceramic tiles that make up the shower stall or in some cases a fiberglass shower enclosure.

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