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Is replacing the crankshaft position sensor on a 2000 Mitsubishi Galant a DIY job or should it be done by a professional mechanic?


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2005-07-21 16:55:26
2005-07-21 16:55:26

Replacing a CPS can be easy or hard. On the 2001 Gallant 2.4, it is located behind the timing belts. Removal of the main pulley, the covers and the belts is required. This isn't as hard as it sounds and is essentially the same as changing the timing belts. A manual (from Haynes) is helpful. Once the belts are gone, the crank shaft position sensor removal is trivial. Go look in the book and see if you're up to it.


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The average cost to replace a 1995 Mitsubishi crankshaft is approximately $2000. The cost is dependent upon the mechanic shop's hourly rate.

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Replacing the rear main seal on this engine requires complete crankshaft removal. It's a major job for the professional mechanic and should not be attempted by an amateur tinkerer.

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This is a complicated procedure to do. You might need the help of a professional mechanic to do it.

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My fiance is a mechanic he said its probably somewhere between the motor and transmission on the backside, or look up "all data software".

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