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Q: Is roasted pepper hummus authentic middle eastern or americanized?
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What is roasted red pepper hummus?

delicious!!! Hummus is a middle eastern dip made with tahini, chickpeas, garlic and olive oil. Adding roasted red peppers gives it a sweet & savory kick. very yummy. Eat it with toasted pitas or even corn chips. You're making me hungry!

What country does hummus come from?

Hummus is common throughout the eastern Mediterranean countries.

Which Middle Eastern Countries eat Hummus?

All of them, but there is more "hummus consumption" in the Levant and Mesopotamia than elsewhere.

Is hummus a vegeble?

Hummus is not a vegetable, it is a Middle-Eastern dip made of chickpeas and tahini. Chickpeas, however, are a vegetable.

What is hummus?

Hummus is a middle-eastern food composed of chickpeas, or garbanzo beans, and Tahini, a paste similar in texture to peanut butter that is made from sesame seeds. Hummus is typically eaten with pita or other flat bread. To make hummus, no cooking is required -- just a food processor. You can use hummus as a sandwich spread, as a veggie dip or on crackers

Who is commander Corey?


What is bobaganoosh?

Baba ganoush is a Middle Eastern dip (kind of like hummus, but made with eggplant instead of chickpeas.)

Did Greece invent Hummus?

Nobody knows for sure. Most say The Middle Eastern region traded with many places and received spices and goods along the way. They used this to make a special food out of crushed chickpeas and olive oil, and lemons and garlic as well. Then the hummus idea spread across the world. Others say Greece invented hummus first and later it spread across up to the Middle East. But the most probable one is the Middle Eastern Invention of hummus, typically dipped in pita bread or falafel. Greeks however may have added on or changed the hummus.(Note: This answer is from a 12 year old kid)

What are some famous Israeli foods?

The most famous of Israeli foods is Hummus. Hummus is eaten throughout Israel and the surrounding middle eastern countries and is made out of garbanzo beans, garlic, sesame seeds, lemon juice, and olive oil.

What is Shawarma?

== == A shawarma is a Middle-Eastern-style wrap composed of shaved meats. Common meats used include lamb, goat, chicken, turkey, beef, or a mixture of meats. The meat is marinated and skewered with an onion or tomato on the end for flavoring. It is then roasted on a rotating spit for several hours, similar to a rotisserie. The meat is usually served on pita or other flatbread with a vegetable and a sauce similar to hummus.

What is the plural for hummus?


What taste nice with hummus?

I find that sesame crackers go well with hummus. I also enjoy red and green peppers with hummus on them. Celery and hummus is not bad either. I have put hummus on hard boiled eggs and even on an apple . So experiment and enjoy the awesomeness that hummus is!

What is the Tamil name of hummus?


What does hummus dip smell like?

Like hummus

Why do you have a reactions to gluten free hummus?

Those who have reactions to hummus means that they are allergic to the ingredients in the hummus.

What is the main food eaten in Yemen?

Mostly rice chicken potato all on platter PS hummus is common in every middle eastern country

What is the most common Lebanese dish?

A recipe website like has many great Lebanese dishes. One of the most popular dishes is Spiced Sweet Roasted Red Pepper & feta Hummus. Try it and I'm sure you will love it. .

Can you eat hummus if you have diarrhea?

You should not eat hummus if you are suffering from diarrhea. Hummus contains chick pea's, which are known to cause loose bowels.

What is baba ghannoug?

It is a Middle Eastern dish made from eggplant. It is often served with pita, much like hummus, to which it also has a similar, though not as firm, texture.

How much hummus is in soil?

a great amount of hummus

What does a hummus look like?

what does hummus look like

What nationality is hummus?

Hummus originated in the Middle East.

What is a hummus serving size?

2 tablespoons. (Source: Tribe brand hummus)

How many grams of hummus are in a cup?

250 grams of hummus.

What does hummus look like?

Google search hummus image