Is rom a primary storage device?

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Q: Is rom a primary storage device?
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Is ROM a primary storage device or a secondary storage device?

ROM is Read-Only-Memory and data is stored permanently. Therefore, it cannot be modified. It is a type of secondary storage and RAM is primary storage category.

What is a primary storage device that may be programmed once by the user?


What are the functions of primary storage device?

function of primary storage device

Is RAM a primary storage device?

Yes, RAM is a Primary Storage device.

Is RAM is storage device?

No, RAM is not a storage device. RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It is actually a type of primary memory. Primary memory has two types, RAM and ROM. True RAM temporarily stores data, mainly during processing, but it cannot be classified as a secondary storage device. It is in fact part of primary memory!

What are the functions of primary storage?

function of primary storage device

What is the Disadvantages of Secondary Storage device?

They are slow then rom

Is DVD ROM magnetic storage device?


What are the two types of primary storage?


Which storage device use laser technology to store data?


Differences between secondary storage and primary storage?

Primary storages are volatile. An Example of primary storage : RAM whereas, Secondary storages are permanent. An Example of secondary storage : ROM

What is difference between primary device and primary storage device?

A primary device would be the main system drive. Almost always a hard drive. A primary storage device might just be another way to refer to it.

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