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It is certainly a great start. They questions is how many calories do you eat in a day? No amount of exercise will make you loose weight unless you are consuming less than you are exerting. Eat at least 1200 calories per day so you don't convince your body that you are starving, that will slow your metabolism. Overeating is the worst culprit for weight gain. You can choose any diet, even candy bars (not that that is recommended), but don't consume too many calories. Good luck with the running! Try other light weights for your arms, legs and back, this will increase your metabolism and help you look lean.

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Q: Is running 5 days a week for 30 minutes and crunches enough to lose weight?
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If you do nothing but eat less and do crunches and run will you lose weight?

Losing weight can be hard. If a person eats less, and exercises by doing crunches and running, they will lose some weight. The amount is dependent on how many calories they put in their body, and how many calories they burn.

If you do 200 crunches and a few squats will you lose weight?

crunches won't really help you lose weight, but they will tone your stomach. if you add cardio (walking, biking, running etc.) to your routine, you'll definitely lose fat and gain muscle.

Why I'm not losing weight after i strated exersicing is the muscle?

Are you running enough? If not, I recommend you start running, that will help you loose weight.

If your trying to eat fatty foods to get a bigger butt how do you lose weight?

stomach crunches lose weight around your stomach SPECIFICALLY, if u go running or jogging, you will lose weight everywhere...including your but ;)

How much weight do you lose running?

How much weight you lose running varies with the terrain, your starting weight, your speed, and the amount of time spent running. On average, you burn 150 calories for every mile that you run in about 20 minutes.

How many calories burned running for 25 minutes?

It all depends on how fast your mile time is: The average mile time is 8 minutes: If you weight 110 = about 275 calories in 25 minutes If your weight is different you can create a math problem out of the situation by setting up this problem: 110 (your weight) ___ = __________ = CALORIES BURNED in 25 MINUTES OF RUNNING 275 (x)

Do 450 crunches and 20 minutes aerobics and 600 calories diet a day flatten stomach?

you want to make sure your crunches are effective so the amount is not necessarily as important as the way crunches are done. I just read you have to vary you ab routine also. 20 minutes seems to be the accepted minimum for exercise in a day. anytime you lower your calorie intake from your normal diet you should see weight loss.

How much weight do you lose if you walk for ten minutes?

not enough fatty ;)

When you lose weight Where do you lose it first?

it depends the way you exercise... running i think your legs push ups you gain arm/ leg muscle crunches-stomache and you get abs

Will running 3 minutes a day on the Nintendo Wii help you lose weight?

No it won't

How can you make love handles and big thighs smaller?

Cardiovascular exercise such as running or walking or riding a bike for 30-45 minutes a day most days of the week should help burn calories and loose weight. you could do crunches for the love handles and weight training (light weights high reps) for the legs to help tone, but cardio is key

How much weight can you loose in a month drinking water and doing crunches every night?

How much weight you can lose in a month by drinking water and doing crunches every night also depends upon other factors. These include you start weight, gender, age, diet, metabolism and how many crunches you do each night.

Can cheetahs lose weight while running?

Its bursting of speed isn't enough to make cheetahs to lose weight. Usually a cheetah's hunting takes no more than one or two minutes. Its slim shape makes part of cheetah's nature.

How can you lose leg weight?

Running! Lunges! Squats! Run for about 15 minutes or more everyday.

How much running would you have to do each day to lose weight in a few weeks?

30 minutes

Does it help to lose stomach fat by doing crunches?

No, you will tone that specific area but you can not 'spot' lose weight by simly doing cruches. By doing crunches you may lose weight from any part of your body.

What idea weight for 5'7 17 girl who weighs 165 pounds and what exercises could I do to lose the weight?

crunches-u get stomache muscle, abs, and lose baby fat running or jogging loses leg fat and gains good muscle sports lose weight

How many pounds will you lose if you did 1000 crunches?

How many pounds you will lose if you did 1,000 crunches depends upon your age, gender and your start weight. It is said that it takes 250,000 crunches to burn 1 pound of fat.

How do you get a really good exercise routine that will help me lose weight with a broken hip?

probably crunches. you dont have to use leg muscles often in crunches

How many crunches does it take to lose 1 pound?

crunches will not lose body fat or weight. aerobic exercise such as running will reduce body fat. it takes 3500 calories to make a pound of fat. reduce your intake by 500 a day/7days = 3500. With exercise, you should lose a pound a week. p.s crunches or resistance work will only tone the muscle but fat will stil be over it.

How many calories burned running for 60 minutes?

If you weight 200 lbs you will burn approximately 960 calories while running at 6 mph.

How can you loose leg weight?

Squats and running really helps! if you are a starters you should start 10 minutes of walking and add 5 minutes everyday

How can you lose weight in your stomach?

run. run as much as you can. don't go at a pace you can't keep up for about 20 minutes. if it means jogging slowly, then do it. the more often you do it the better you will get at it. the trick to losing belly fat is running/jogging followed immediately by situps or crunches. make sure your posture is good while you're running, that helps too if you're doing situps afterwards

How many minutes should you exercise a day?

You should exercise 30 minutes every day for a month. You will loose weight or if your already skinny you could get a six pack it works for me. Exercises include sit ups, crunches, push ups ect.

If you did 50 crunches a day how long would you get a flat stomach?

it depends on your weight!