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I'd be more suspicious of a rocker cover gasket. If you're sure it's the head, try re-torquing it first.

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Q: Is slight but constant oil seepage from the head wo coolant loss or overheating 89 cavalier a sure sign the head gasket needs replacing?
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Why does my 1995 cavalier keep overheating?

Low coolant, bad coolant tank cap, stuck thermostat, or clogged coolant line.

Why does coolant light come on for 1997 cavalier already changed water pump filled coolant?

If it's overheating, it cold be thermostat, radiator or possibly other problems. If it's not overheating it could be the coolant level sensor.

What does the code PO118 mean on a 2001chevy cavalier?

high resistance coolant temperature sensor, is it overheating,air in coolant pipe at sensor, or bad sensor,

Flush the Coolant?

form_title=Flush the Coolant form_header=Keep the cooling system running properly by regularly flushing and replacing the fluids. What type of coolant do you normally use?=_ How long as it been since the coolant has been flushed?=_ Have you had any overheating problems?=_

What kind of engine coolant do a 1997 Chevy caviler take?

A 1997 Chevy Cavalier uses a standard 50/50 mix of antifreeze coolant and water. This keeps the engine from overheating and from freezing in the winter.

If you are replacing a water pump will this stop a car from overheating?

Replacing a bad water pump can help to stop a motor from overheating. Hopefully that was the cause of the overheating. If it does not stop the overheating, try replacing the thermostat. Make sure you have the proper mix of antifreeze and water, the radiator filled with it. Check the level of coolant FIRST. Next, the hoses, and third the thermostat. Then, disconnect a hose and see if, by starting the vehicle, if there's water pressure. If not, its water pump time!

1993 cavalier overheating?

Low coolant? Radiator plugged or restricted? Water pump not circulating coolant? Thermostat not opening? Cooling fan not working? Hoses collapsing under pressure Defective radiator cap?

Why does your 1992 Chevrolet cavalier overheat?

A 1992 Cavalier could be overheating for several reasons. The Thermostat could be bad, the coolant could be low, or the water pump may be failing. The cooling fan could also be bad.

Chevy Cavalier overheating?

Check the coolant levels. Insure that the cooling fan turns on when its supposed to, and the thermostat is not stuck closed. Make sure that the water pump is operating correctly.

Why does the a 2003 Honda civic ex continue to overheat after replacing a thermostat water pump and radiator cap?

coolant temperature switch turns on the fan, if the fan isn't running the car's's a sensor mounted in the coolant line that detects coolant temp.

Car overheating and no heat?

No thermostat, no coolant, no waterpump. Basically you have no coolant circulating.

If still overheating after replacing thermostat water pump and flushing radiator you can run for approx 5 miles before overheating Is this a blow head gasket?

Very possibly. You can check a spark plug and see if they are wet or you can see if there is gasoline in the coolant liquid.

What does a faucet like means in the dashboard?

Coolant light, meaning low coolant, or overheating.

Can a head gasket leak without overheating or coolant loss?

It is possible that the gasket could leak between cylinders. The overheating and coolant loss would happen if the gasket was failing around the coolant passages.

What is the coolant capacity of a 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier?

9.6 qt coolant capacity

What should I check for when my Chevy 1964 truck is overheating?

Low coolant? Radiator probably needs flushing and/or replacing after 40 years. Bad thermostat? System airbound? Water pump not circulating coolant? Hoses collapsing? Bad radiator cap?

99 cavalier will not hold water replaced the heater core not the oil and not on the ground. What could be wrong?

The most common cause of overheating is a thermostat stuck in the closed position. Other causes of overheating could be a clogged radiator, faulty water pump, a faulty radiator fan relay, a faulty radiator fan motor, no coolant or low coolant level.

Why does the coolant boil out of the coolant reservoir on a 98 Ford Taurus?

AnswerThis is a symptom of an overheating engine. See "Related Questions" below for an excellent trouble-shooting guide to overheating problem.

Your 89 cavalier z24 is overheating what could be the problem?

Thermostat not opening correctly, low coolant level, poor coolant flow (i.e. clogged radiator), head gasket, radiator cooling fan not operating correctly, if it is boiling over,posible weak radiator cap.

Coolant leak on 93 cavalier?

A coolant leak on a 93 cavalier could be anyplace where coolant flows. Check all hoses, connections, the radiator, and heater core for any possible leak spots.

What does a flashing coolant light on my 2002 vw mean?

Either low coolant level or the engine is overheating.

Engine is overheating and you have no heat in 1994 Mazda 626?

Too little coolant, or a plugged coolant line.

How do you fix overheating on a dodge Ram 250 van?

I'm not a mechanic but, I had to replace my radiator to fix the overheating problem on my 1994. That was the last thing I replaced after replacing the water pump, thermostat, and replaced my fan with a clutch fan. have not had anymore problems with it overheating once the radiator was replaced. Flush the coolant first then replace the radiator. Hope this helps.

Your 88 cavalier is not blowing hot air but coolant is ok both in and out hoses from heater core are hot any ideas?

try replacing the thermostat.that should take care of the problem

Do you have to replace coolant when you replacing the ac compressor?

You will have to replace the refrigerant, but not the engine coolant.