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Is sodium chloride the same as carbon dioxide?

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Sodium chloride is NaCl.

Carbon dioxide is CO2.

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Sodium chloride is NaCl: sodium is Na, chlorine is Cl.

Salt is the same thing as sodium chloride

Is Benzalkonium Chloride the same thing as Sodium Benzoate? I am allergic to Sodium Benzoate.

Sodium chloride and chlorhexidine are very different compounds.

No. Sodium chloride is quite different from either of its component elements.

No. The main active ingredient in baking soda is SodiumBicarbonate, not Calcium Bicarbonate.Also, calcium bicarbonate exists only in aqueous solution containing the ions calcium, dissolved carbon dioxide, bicarbonate, and carbonate.Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), usually is prepared by the reaction of calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, ammonia, and carbon dioxide in water.

No, salt is not the same as sodium. Salt is sodium chloride, not just sodium by itself.

Sodium chloride has the chemical formula NaCl. Sodium chlorite has the chemical formula NaClO2.

yes, common table salt is sodium chloride.

Calcicum chloride, is one of the best alternatives for sodium chloride it has the same effect and related Molecules.

Sodium chloride 0.9 percent and normal saline are not quite the same solution. While they share the same osmolality, sodium chloride contains more salt.

Salt, table salt or sea salt is sodium chloride.

Absolutely Not! Sodium chloride is table salt, a crystalline solid; sodium is a highly reactive metal.

No. The chemical formula for sodium chloride is NaCl and the chemical formula for sodium sulfate is Na2SO4

No. Chlorine is an element and sodium chloride is a compound made of the two elements sodium and chlorine.

There is no reaction between them as they have same chloride anions.

No. Sodium is Na, Sodium Chloride is NaCl = common salt. Sodium is an alkali metal, naturally it is only found in a combined form.

Because they have the same cation - sodium.

Not really. Sulfates are soaps and sodium chloride is salt.

Sodium Chloride is a mixture of two elements. Sodium and Chlorine. They have been chemically bonded together. Sodium is a pure element. So to answer your question. No they are not.

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