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I would check the rotor first. If it is ok pull one of the plug wires off and crank the engine. If you are getting fire to the plug it is probably the fuel. In this case it could be the fuel pump or the filter. Pour some gas in the carb and try to start it. If it starts her but dies when it runs out of fuel I would change the filter. If this fails its almost certain o be he fuel pump,


To check the fuel pump, turn the ignition to the RUN position but don't start the truck. You should hear a buzzing type sound come from the back of the truck for about 2 seconds, then the sound will stop. The sound comes from the fuel pump (either the front or back) depending on where the fuel selector is set. If no sound, check the fuel cutoff switch. It's located in either the driver or passenger side kick panel. Might have to reset the fuel cutoff switch.

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Q: Is something wrong with the fuel system on a 1990 Ford F150 6 cylinder that will not start?
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