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This is a difficult thing to be certain of since many signs or early prenancy are symptoms you can have before your period. A brown discharge is very normal before your period but pink may be implantation bleeding (a sign of early pregnancy). Of course this is very rare. The best thing to do is wait and see if you get your peroid. I had the same problem but it turned out I just had a bad yeast infection. If if the pink discharge doesn't go away with a couple days after your period then you should see a doctor.

2006-09-04 23:31:57
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Q: Is spotting brownish pink discharge a norm a week before your monthly is due or could you have early signs of pregnancy?
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Egg white discharge be a sign of pregnancy?

Egg white discharge is normal during your regular monthly cycle.

Is it possible to be pregnant while you on your period?

Having a period (shedding of the uterine lining) and pregnancy are not compatible but some women experience monthly period type spotting during pregnancy.

How is spotting different from menstrual period?

menstrual period is the monthly blood circulation of girls while spotting are the release of the blood when you are pregnant

Monthly discharge of blood and uterine lining?


Monthly discharge of uterine lining and blood?


What is the regular monthly discharge of blood called?


If taking clomid when should you test for pregnancy?

l got my frist dose for comild last month, for five days. my monthly cycle was late than after a few days l statred spotting could l be pg.

After monthly cycle you get clear discharge?

I know that i do, i have ever since i started having my monthly cycle in the 5th grade. so its normal for me.

Monthly discharge of the lining of the uterus?

This is normal and natural.

What is the monthly discharge of blood and tissue lining the uterus?

This is menstruation or commonly called "period"

Ovulation take place how many days before monthly discharge?

first day of discharge is considered as day in this way the day13,14,15 are the ovulation days

What are the signs of pregnancy?

The signs of pregnancy can include, skipped monthly periods, morning nausea, increase in appetite, weight gain and swelling.

If i had my period 2weeks ago and i started spotting and i don't get my period until feb17 this do not mean that im am pregnant?

I have had my monthly period and that lasted 6 days instead of 7 days and started spotting 2weeks after does this mean Iam pregnant?

Why do female dogs have a monthly discharge after being spayed?

they shouldnt, thats a problem, talk to your vet.. thats not normal..

What is the risk of pregnancy if no protection is taken before 1 day of monthly cycle?

You could get pregnant

What happens if you always got your monthly period and then it just stopped coming for months on end?

Pregnancy can do this.

Can i get pregnant while I'm on my monthly period?

Yes, it is very possible for a girl to get pregnant while on their monthly period. Always use protection to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.

Why do you have discharge everyday?

Clear or white discharge, is the body's way of keeping the vagina clean and healthy. Hormonal fluctuations can cause changes in the appearance of the discharge throughout your monthly cycle. Discharge with an itch, burning or strong, unpleasant odor can be signs of infection and warrant a call to your MD the sooner the better, whether you are sexually active or not.

Can you do a pregnancy test while in your periods?

Yes you can do a pregnancy test while in your periods. But there's no need to do it because you are 100% negative. Having monthly periods means that you are not pregnant.

You think im might be pregnant im getting pains and my belly feels hard but i get my monthly its last 3 day's or less?

There's a good possibility that you are in fact pregnant. Your period may actually be spotting....which is another sign of pregnancy. I would consult w/your doctor just to be absolutely sure that you are. Good Luck!

What does it mean when red stuff comes out of your vagina?

I have three answers for you. 1. You have started menstruating and so you get a discharge of blood from the vagina which lasts for around 3 to 7 days out of each month. When you first start to menstruate, or get your period, it can be irregular but will eventually even out to a monthly cycle. This means you have reached a stage where your body is producing eggs and as such you can become pregnant. Onset of menstruation is part of puberty. 2. Blood spotting can occur between periods when you are ovulating, or can occur during early pregnancy. 3. If you have a bright red vaginal discharge that is not associated with menstruation, or having a period, it could be a sign of cervical or uterine cancer so you should most definitely consult a doctor or gynaecologist.

What is the monthly cycle during which the womb of a female prepares itself for the possibility of pregnancy called?

The menstrual cycle.

How do you know if you a pregnant if it is not time for your monthly period?

Umm... Try a pregnancy test. You can usually get them... almost anywhere.

What is the early symptoms of pregnancy?

First symptom would most likely be the women would not have her monthly period..

What is a a monthly series of hormone-controlled changes that prepare the uterine lining for a pregnancy?

menstruation cycle