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Not really. Even though the word "Catholic" means universal, but Catholics are pretty far from all-inclusive. Universalists seem to accept all religions and emphasize the basic underlying principals common with all.

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Q: Is the Catholic religion the same as the Universalist religion?
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Is Catholicism the same as Catholic religion?

Yes, Catholicism = Catholic religion.

What was David Nelson's religion?

Unitarian Universalist

What was the religion of Oscar Hammerstein?

Unitarian Universalist

Was Clara Barton catholic?

No, Clara Barton was a Universalist.

What religion was lorence nightingale?

Florence Nightingale was a Universalist Christian

What is Yo-Yo Ma's religion?

Unitarian Universalist

Is a religion that unites elements from Theosophy and Christianity?


What religion was Lou gehrig?

Lou Gehrig was an American baseball player. He was a Universalist and was a parishioner of the Fourth Universalist Society of New York. He however, never practiced any organized religion.

Which is the strongest religion Catholic or Christian?

Roman Catholic AnswerYou can't compare them, they are the same thing.

Is the Roman Catholic religion the same as Ukrainian Catholic?

The Ukrainian Catholic Church is in full union with the Roman Catholic Church so they share the same beliefs and doctrines.

What is the difference between Unitarian Universalist Churches and strict Unitarian Churches?

religion and spirituality

What was Dr Seusses religion?

Unitarian Universalist. I don't think he just made it up

What is it called when you change from one religion to the Catholic religion?

Changing from one religion to another is called the same for any of them: conversion.

Is Alexander Graham Bell catholic?

No, Bell stated he was an agnostic. Some documents state he was Unitarian/Universalist.

How does the Christian religion differ from the Catholic?

Roman Catholic AnswerYour question makes no sense, the Catholic IS the Christian religion, they are the same thing. Our separated brethern (the protestants) sometimes use the word, "Christian" to mean "not Catholic". This is beyond ridiculous, and rather bigoted.

What was the religion of the Catholic Reformantion?

Catholicism was the religion of the Catholic Reformation.

Which religion of Vietnamese Catholic?

The religion of Vietnamese Catholics is Catholic.

Are Greek religion and catholic religion similar?

Catholic religion and Greek Christianity are somewhat similar, but other Greek religions are not similar to the Catholic religion.

Is the religion Catholic the same is Roman Catholic?

Sort of, the religion is known as the Catholic religion, but it's just Catholic, not Roman Catholic. Roman is an epithet first commonly used in England after the protestant revolt to describe the Catholic Church. It is never used by the official Catholic Church, while it is used by many people in the English speaking world who don't know the difference, including a lot of Catholics.

Who are the leaders of the Catholic Religion?

hello. the leaders of the roman catholic religion (catholic religion) is the pope (he is the leader) . there are alo bishops, deacons and i think that there are some more people who are leaders of the catholic religion.

What is the difference between Catholic religion and Christian religion?

Roman Catholic AnswerThe question, as asked, makes no sense, as the Catholic religion IS the Christian religion, thus there is no difference.

How many Episcopal churches are in the US?

How many Catholic, Presbyterian, Episcopal, Methodist, Lutheran, Universalist and other churches are in the US?

Which religion is biggest baptic or Catholic?

Catholic is biggest religion in the world.

When was The Universalist Herald created?

The Universalist Herald was created in 1847.

What religion is Avenged Sevenfold from?

Avenged Sevenfold doesn't have a specific religion. The band members aren't the same religion. M. Shadows, and Synyster Gates are Catholic. The Rev. was also Catholic. Mike Portnoy is Jewish. Zacky and Johnny have not publicly stated their religion. Though a lot of fans assume that they are Catholic as well.