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Is the Empire State Building above or below sea level?


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At the Empire State Building's location at 34th Street and Fifth Avenue, street level is about 50 feet above sea level. All 102 floors from the first up are thus above sea level, as are the two basement levels. The foundation descends for 55 feet, so the very lowest part of the structure seems to be just below sea level.


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The air resistance would slow it down so much that it probably wouldn't even leave a mark on the sidewalk. The popular myth that a penny dropped from the Empire State Building could kill someone is just that: a myth. See the Related Question below for more details.

Yes, since it's completion in 1931 about 40 people have jumped to their deaths off the Empire State Building (most of those during the 1940s). One woman jumped in 1979 only to land one floor below, she survived but broke her hip. The most recent jumper was in 2010.

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The following information was obtained from the National Historic Landmark Nomination document referenced by the link below. The Empire State Building rises 1250 feet and is 102 stories high (observatory level). It is 1472 to the top of the TV tower. The building is 500 feet on West 33rd Street, 197.8 feet on Fifth Avenue, and 475 feet on West 34th Street and 197.8 feet on West facade.

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I have been having a lot of trouble with this question too because i need it for a report but all i could really find is1.The building is 1,453 feet, 8 9/16 inches or 443.2 meters to the top of the lightning rod.2. Area of Site: 79,288 square feet (7,240 meters) or about two acres. East to west, 424 feet (129 meters), north to south, 187 feet (56.9 meters.)3. Foundation: 55 feet (16.7 meters) below ground4. Basement: 35 feet (10.6 meters) below ground5. Lobby: 47 feet (14.3 meters) above sea levelHeight-381m.# of floors (above ground)- 102One of the tallest skyscrapers in the world, the Empire State Building is found at the intersection of West 34th Street and Fifth Avenue in New York City. In the Americas, it is considered the fourth highest freestanding structure. Worldwide, it is the eleventh highest. Because of these amazing feats, many people find it highly interesting. In order to become more familiar with this awesome structure, it is good to know the different dimensions of the Empire State Building.Dimensions of the Empire State BuildingWhat are the dimensions of the Empire State Building? In terms of height, this building stands way above the others at 1,250 feet. This measurement is only up to the 103rd floor. If you include the pinnacle, the length of which is a little more than 203 feet, the total height of this building goes up to 1,453 feet and 8 9/16 inches. From the level of the street all the way up to the 103rd floor, the total number of steps is 1,860.381m heigh

The Empire State Building is composed of multiple shapes. The picture below should help. It has a wider base but is essentially a set of rectangular prisms going up the building. Toward the upper floors there are a pair of rectangular prisms with rounded corners. I suppose these might technically be octagonal prisms (8 sides), I'm not sure. Then there is a set of levels that are square then a cylinder on top. The absolute tippy-top is a hemi-sphere (half sphere).

CLERESTORY: an outside wall of a room or building that rises above an adjoining roof and contains windows

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