United Arab Emirates

Is the United Arab emirates in Europe or Asia?


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Technically is sits on the Middle Eastern tectonic plate, so falls somewhere between the African and Asian plates. In geopolitical terms it is, however, considered to be part of Asia.

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no it is in Asia it is near to Oman

The United Arab Emirates is a country in Asia.

East Africa, South America, Asia and United Arab Emirates

Yes the United Arab Emirates is in southwest Asia. It is the only one.

No, it is in the United Arab Emirates, which is in Asia

The United Arab Emirates is a confederation of seven Arab principalities or emirates.

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No it is not. It is a part of Asia, in the Arabian Gulf.

The United Arab Emirates is located in the Arabian Gulfwhich is in the Middle East.Australia is located in the Oceania, and Singapore in Asia.

in the Arabian Gulf ,, United Arab Emirates ,, Dubai!! =D

The palm jumeirah is in Asia and in the country United Arab emirates.

The UAE (United Arab Emirates) are part of the Middle East, Asia

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The first Asia Cup was held in 1984 in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

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United Arab Emirates and Uzbekistan are countries in Asia.

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no it in the united Arab emirates located in middle east Asia

The United Arab Emirates are in ASIA, specifically Southwest Asia (a.k.a. the Middle East) on the Arabian Peninsula.

No. Burj Dubai is in the United Arab Emirates (Asia) French Crown Jewels are in France (Europe)

No, the city of Dubai is not part of Asia. This city is part of the United Arab Emirates and located in the Persian Gulf.

Abu Dhabi is located in southwest Asia, The United Arab Emirates.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a small country located on the continent of Asia. It is situated on the Arabian peninsula in the south east, south of the states of Qatar and Bahrain and bordering Oman and Saudi Arabia.

No. Asia is a continent. The UAE is a country. The UAE which is the United Arab Emirates is within the continent of Asia - also a part of the Middle East.

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