Is the best way to gain weight to take your protein pre and post-workout and take Creatine right after a workout?

Protein is best after a workout. Muscles rip during exercise and the rebuilding process is what makes them stronger. That's when you need the protein. Also, protein before a workout can cause digestive issues during that workout. ______________________________________________________________________ Answer:

Creatine actually causes your muscle cells to absorb more water which makes them look bigger which gives us an illusion of extra size and mass. Effectively speaking, once you cut down on your creatine intake, the muscles would start releasing the excess water and you may end up feeling your muscles shrink in size. But, one good thing about creatine is that, it helps you gain that extra strength needed to do heavy workouts. Though it only packs water into our muscles, a properly administered dosage/cycle of creatine can help you in gaining weight and strength.