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Protein is best after a workout. Muscles rip during exercise and the rebuilding process is what makes them stronger. That's when you need the protein. Also, protein before a workout can cause digestive issues during that workout. ______________________________________________________________________ Answer:

Creatine actually causes your muscle cells to absorb more water which makes them look bigger which gives us an illusion of extra size and mass. Effectively speaking, once you cut down on your creatine intake, the muscles would start releasing the excess water and you may end up feeling your muscles shrink in size. But, one good thing about creatine is that, it helps you gain that extra strength needed to do heavy workouts. Though it only packs water into our muscles, a properly administered dosage/cycle of creatine can help you in gaining weight and strength.

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Is the best way to gain weight to take your protein pre- and post-workout and take Creatine right after a workout?

Before and after. You should be taking creatine twice a day for best results. But be consistent!

Does creatine shrink your balls?

Creatine does not shrink your testicles. Creatine is simply a protein and sometimes it is used to build muscles or help people gain weight.

What type of supplements should be taken while weight lifting?

The best supplements to take while weight lifting are Glutamine, Whey Protein, Creatine, and a good multi vitamin. Glutamine helps boost ones immune system, so taking this will allow you to workout more without getting sick that often. Creatine is a great post workout supplement you can make a shake out of to help maintain lean muscle tissues. Whey Protein should be taken as a supplement to help you get a full daily value of protein.

What is better cell tech or whey protein?

Cell Tech is a brand of Creatine. Creatine is a substance that helps to draw water into your muscles. Protein is used by the muscle to repair themselves as well as increase in size during the recovery period after working out. Recommended protein levels are 1 gram per pound of body weight. If you are not getting enough protein from your diet, Whey Protein is much choice than the creatine.

Do you get fat after not using creatine?

Creatine helps with water and essential nutrient retention in your muscles (helping you recover faster and workout longer) - when you stop using it you LOSE weight because you stop retaining as much water. What you are left with is all of the muscle you had built up while using creatine and none of the water weight.

How do you get buff?

Take CREATINE and drink LOTS of water!Following an aerobic and anaerobic conditioning program, eating a healthy diet, and getting plenty of rest.Workout a lot, eat a lot of protein, try to stay in a good weight zone, and more

Is the protein berry workout smoothie at Jamba Juice good to drink if your trying to lose weight?

no protein is for putting on mass

Should I take protein after a workout if its late at night?

You can take a protein shake after a workout even if it is late at night. You will want to watch your total caloric intake for the day if you are working toward losing weight.

Will taking creatine cause weight loss?

No, when you start taking creatine you'll actually begin to put on weight as your muscles begin to store the creatine along with the water to process it. This results in a noticeable increase in muscle size and weight.

Can you take Creatine to gain weight?

yes you can, I do.

How much protein is safe to eat?

Typically the rule of thumb (in the workout world) is one gram of protein per pound of weight. Thus, if you weigh 135# you should eat 135 gms of protein.

Will you gain weight if you eat after working out?

Depending on what you eat you could. However you should have a light protein snack after a workout such a protein shake or apple with peanut butter to replenish some nutrients that your body used while you were working out and to help heal the muscles after a workout.

What can you eat before weight lifting?

A combination of complex carbohydrates and fast-acting protein is ideal for fueling a workout. Complex carbs like oatmeal or whole-wheat toast digest slowly, providing sustained energy throughout the workout. At the same time, the fast-acting protein (like a protein shake made with a whey supplement) protects your muscles from being broken down during weight lifting. Consider how long and how intense your weight lifting routine will be, and adjust your calorie intake pre-workout accordingly. For a moderate-volume workout (25-29 or so sets), about 40 grams of complex carbohydrates and 20 grams of protein is a good place to start. Keep fat content low in this meal/snack, as fat will get in the way of the digestion of carbs and protein.

Vitamins and Supplements for Building Muscle and Losing Weight?

If you don't understand all the science of it, it more or less breaks down like this: You need vitamins to stay healthy and maintain high energy levels, protein is the raw ingredient of muscles and creatine opens up your cardiovascular system in order to transport the protein and vitamins to your muscles more effectively. Creatine can be found in large amounts in certain fish and nuts and grains, but it's easiest to get plenty of creatine in the morning by way of a protein shake or other supplements if you're trying to add on a lot of muscular weight in a relatively short amount of time.

What do body building protein shakes do?

If you are unsure of protein for muscular strength, you can look up how it helps to build muscle after a workout and it repairs muscles that have endured a strong weight training regimen daily.

What kind of weight training supplements to help with weight training?

Weight training results can be obtained more quickly by using products such as protein supplements in the form of powders and shakes. Other helpful supplements to increase weight training results are Creatine, vitamin B6, glutamine and testosterone.

What type of supplements make your body gain weight?

There are many dietary supplements that can help you gain weight. Some of these supplements are beta alanine, branched chain amino acids, creatine monohydrate, and whey and casein protein powders.

Does Creatine help you lose weight?

Creatine supplements are a powered substance. it helps you loose weight, and this works as it contains a VERY little amount of calories. It works best when dieting though.

If you exercise 2-3 times a day do you need protein and carbohydrates after each time?

My question would be: why are you exercising 2-3 times DAILY? Unless you are a professional athlete, there is no need for this excessive exercising. It is recommended that a 30 minute workout per day is adequate to maintain good health. The protein needed is dependent upon the workout itself. If you are doing heavy weight training then a protein supplement is most likely required, pre-workout and post. If cardio is the only exercise it would benefit to take protein post-workout. Carbs are important also, but the right type of carbs are essential. This would all depend on what your exercising goals are: weight loss, maintenance, bulk, training.

Whey protein and creatine?

I am going to assume the question is asking what the effect is on athletic performance and muscle mass of combining whey protein and creatine. Given that lets break the question into 3 parts: 1 - Whey Protein Benefits 2 - Creatine Benefits 3 - Affect of combining the two 1 - Whey protein benefits: Whey Protein has many benefits recognised in the medical community. These range from increasing lean muscle mass and reducing body fat to reducing cholesterol, producing antibodies, hormones, and haemoglobin. Protein also greatly assists proper immune function and normal blood pressure. Whey protein is also commonly used to assist persons with HIV and cancer to maintain lean muscle mass. It is also contained in infant formula due to its many benefits. Those sensitive to lactose should consult their doctor before taking protein supplements as these contain lactose. 2 - Creatine benefits: Creatine helps muscles and cells by providing them with increased energy as they require it. The muscles uptake and store phosphocreatine (creatine) which is then transformed to Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). ATP is then supplied to the muscles being recruited during intense short term exercise such as sprinting or weight lifting. This has the affect of increasing maximal strength and the duration that maximal strength can be exerted. Numerous studies show that creatine increases strength and muscle cell size significantly. 3 - Combining creatine and whey protein: There are no studies known that support the theory that combining creatine and whey protein provides any synergistic action. While combining one will not increase the effectiveness of the other, they do provide different benefits and are commonly combined in supplementation regimes. The whey protein is often taken within 30-90 minutes pre or post exercise to rebuild and repair damaged and stressed muscle cells and the creatine provides the energy needed to lift increasingly heavier weights and exert increasing amount of strength and power. More detailed information on creatine and whey protein can be found by following the related link "Nutrition for Athletic Performance"

Can you drink protein shakes and not work out without gaining weight?

No, if you drink protein shakes and dont work out.. That protein will turn into fat. The reason people eat protein while working out is because they want that fat to turn into muscle. I suggest you workout while drinking protein shakes or dont drink the shakes at all.

Side affects of creatine?

Common creatine side effects may include: nausea, stomach pain; diarrhea; muscle cramps; or weight gain.

What can you get out of an eliptical workout if you am 100 pounds overweight?

An elliptical workout would be great for toning or someone looking to lose an amount of weight. An elliptical workout is an complete workout, you will build muscle along with loosing weight or toning.

If you take protein and do not workout will it turn to fat?

Protein help muscle to build specially if you exercises but it is bad for kidney if it is too much.If you take protein and do not do will not gain weight but it will not help you build muscle,cause i already try that is better if you exercise and take protein you will see the difference my friend...

Is creatine phopshte energy used in muscular endurance or muscular strength?

Creatine phosphate is used in explosive muscular movements such as sprinting or weight training. There has been no evidence to show that creatine phosphate is used in endurance training

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