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Arsenic is usually classified as a metalloid. The chemistry of arsenic is predominately nonmetallic but it shows less anionic behavior than ordinary nonmetals. Liquid arsenic is a semiconductor. It can form many metal alloys but most of them are brittle.

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Arsenic (symbol As) is a metalloid. It exhibits properties of both metals and non metals.

Arsenic is a metalloid. It belongs to group 15 and has properties of both metals and non metals.

Arsenic pentaiodide (AsI5) doesn't contain any metal; arsenic is a metalloid and iodine a nonmetal.

Arsenic is technically not a metal. It is considered a metalloid. Some variants of arsenic can be more metal-like than others.

platinum is a metal because it is shiny but it can be a metalloid or transition metal

It is a metalloid. It is in the p block.

The element iron is a metal. It is in the d block.

metalloid: Of or being a nonmetallic element that has some of the properties of metal eg "arsenic is a metalloid element"

Metals, metalloids, and nonmetals all have isotopes. It depends on which element as to whether it is a metal, a metalloid, or a nonmetal, not whether it is an isotope.

Niether, boron is a metalloid.

No, a metalliod is an element that is neither a metal nor a nonmetal but has properties of both.

Zirconium is a transitiom metal element. Hence it is a metal.

Titanium (Ti) is a metal. It is a d-block element / transition metal element.

The element 119 will be very probable an alkali metal.

Uranium is a metal, rather than a nonmetal, or metalloid.

Wood isn't an element, it's a compound called cellulose...which is a nonmetal.

Helium is a nonmetal. It belongs to p block and is a noble gas element

Manganese is a metal. It belongs to d block and is a transition metal element

Lead is a poor metal and (or) a metalloid: it has some amphoteric properties as well, like bismuth or arsenic. It has some fine metallic properties though.

Element 117 would most likely be a metalloid.

Arsenic is a semi-metal. The other two are a metal and a nonmetal respectively.

A metalloid is a chemical element that has a mixture of both metal and nonmetal characteristics