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I have an 87 Ranger and it is welded on.

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โˆ™ 2004-10-15 19:26:32
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Q: Is the exhaust system on a 89 Ford Ranger welded or bolted on?
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Is a catalytic converter on a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo welded or bolted on?

They are welded in to the exhaust stream so as to prevent easy removal, its a government thing for the protection of our air quality.

Is chassis bolted or welded in trucks?

The chasis is usually both bolted and welded and even riveted in the trucks.

Is the radiator support on a 1990 Acura Integra bolted on or welded on?

welded on

Is radiator support welded or bolted in a 1994 F150?

bolted in from new

Is the catalytic converted bolted or welded on a 2001 Chevy Suburban 1500?

Bolted on

Does a 1993 Chevrolet Blazer 4x4 5.7L's catalytic converter have donuts to connect to the exhaust manifold?

Yes on the exhaust manifolds but the cat should either be welded or bolted on after your Y pipe then goes to your cat!

Is the catalytic converter bolted or welded on my 1991 Toyota 4 cylinder truck?

Its welded.

Why is the Eiffel tower bolted not welded?

because it is

Are the bumper and the fender of a Ford Taurus LX Sedan Four door bolted on or welded on?

They are bolted on

Does your catalytic converter need to be welded on?

they are usually bolted on in the front of the converter.

Is the front door top hinge welded or bolted on to body 95 Jeep Cherokee?

It's bolted on the body, welded on the door. Door pin/bushing replacement guide:

How do you replace the cat converter?

Direct replacements are bolted in and some aftermarkets are welded in.

Can you put a dual exhaust on a truck with a welded muffeler?

You can put dual exhaust on your lawnmower, if you want to. So the answer is YES.

Do all ball joints press out?

No, some are held in with rivets, some are bolted, some are screwed directly into the suspension arm, and some are welded in place and are not removable.No, some are held in with rivets, some are bolted, some are screwed directly into the suspension arm, and some are welded in place and are not removable.

What is an intermediate exhaust pipe?

An intermediate exhaust pipe generally refers to the pipe that comes directly off of the manifold, and to which the catalytic converter, or mid-tail pipe section is bolted /welded too. On newer cars and trucks, the intermediate pipe sometimes has a bendable section that looks like a scaled up version of a braided tube.

How do you remove spindle from trailer axle?

A few trailer spindles bolted on to the axle but most spindles are welded to the axle.

Is the front apron to the 1969 VW Bug bolted on or welded on?

its spot welded on each side, if you remove the front fenders you can see the seam where its welded on. drill out the spot welds and straighten any metal that was bent over to keep it from moving and it should come off.

Is the radiator support on a 1987 acura Integra bolted on or welded on?

The radiator support on all hondas/acuras are all tack welded in. you will see like a small indentation of a circle at every tack weld.

How many pieces does a chassis have?

A welded chassis would be one unit. A bolted chassis would have cross members that are removable.

How do you bolt on the muffler to a 1999 Chevy Malibu?

Well if it is bolted, you simply unbolt the old one and bolt in the new one. If not, the old unit it must be cut or torched off and the new one welded in its place. Usually done at an exhaust shop, will cost about $100 if you bring them the muffler.

Why are gooseneck hitch supports supposed to be bolted to a truck's frame and not welded?

because you may want to take it off sometime with out having to cut it

How are exhaust stacks attached to the exhaust ports of a cylinder aircraft?

On Lycoming engines the exhaust pipes have a welded steel flange that seats over a copper gasket with 2 studbolts directly onto the outlet port of the engine.

How do you pull apart iron beds?

Usually, the two bed-ends are either bolted to the frame (which is welded in a rectangular frame), or slot into dove-tail recesses.

Are the external sun shade or sunshades found on diesel locomotives welded in place or retractable into a slot?

The mounts for the sunshades may be welded or bolted to the cab, but none retract into slots--at least on North American locomotives. Most are adjustable and may fold against the cab.

Your 1986 astro van is not getting fuel and it has a new fuel pump you had the exhaust welded and it hasent started since?

If your exhaust pipes by engine get red hot you have a vacuum leak that will make it sluggish

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