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This device has no known beneficial results. The best belly buster is diet and exercise, such as crunches.

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Q: Is the flex belt effective for belly fat?
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What are some effective ways for women to get rid of belly fat?

In your quest to get rid of belly fat, cardio workouts are more effective than sit-ups. Most woman find that they have excess belly fat and want to get rid of it to return However, pool exercises can be some of the most effective in burning fat in

Does skipping rope help to reduce belly fat?

yes.. it does. And it is really effective.

Does the Belly Fat Diet Really Burn Belly Fat?

Many dieters find that belly fat is the most difficult fat to lose. This is what attracts so many people to the belly fat diet. But is this diet really effective? While there are several variations of the belly fat diet, most are based on the idea that limiting carbohydrate intake will reduce belly fat. Unfortunately, while these diets may work, they will not specifically reduce your belly fact. It is not possible to burn fat from one area over another. To lose belly fat, dieters will need to improve their diet, participate in cardiovascular exercise, and lower their body fat as a whole.

What type of exercise for belly fat can you do at home?

If you want to reduce belly fat, aerobic exercises, swimming, circuit training exercises, Pilates, and abdominal-targeted routines are most effective.

Who is Fat Joe's manager?


Is bulging a real word?

Yes, bulging is a real word. As in: He was so fat his belly was bulging over the top of his belt.

Where online can I find the best ways to lose belly fat?

A good way to lose belly fat is jogging. 30 to 45 minutes of jogging three to four times a week should cut down your belly fat fairly fast. If you have the time, extending your jogs to an hour or more is very effective.

What is a quick, effective way to lose the belly fat?

the best way to lose belly fat is to follow a healthy low fat eating plan and to take regular cardiovascular activity such as swimming or running for at least 35 minutes, every day if possible.

Where can I go to get some information on a diet to lose belly fat?

Here is a great website for finding out information on dieting. There are some really helpful tips!

Will you lose belly fat walking on the treadmill for fifty minutes a day?

Yes you can lose some belly fat walking on a treadmill for fifty minutes everyday, but running for 30 mins a day is way more effective for losing belly fat. Running not only contributes to the loss of belly fat, but also helps suppress your appetite as well. If you want to lose belly fat without doing crunches, then I suggest trying Cardio kickboxing like Tae bo. Walking will help lose it if you don't mind the fat coming off slowly. If you want to lose belly fat fast, running or kickboxing are both very effective cardio workouts that really strengthen your core and help you lose weight all over.

How can i get belly fat off with out making it obivous?

how can i get belly fat off with out making it obivous

Can belly dancing burn belly fat?

Yes it can!

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