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Is the front wheel bearing in the hub assembly of a 2001 Honda V6 accord a separate unit or is it pressed in?


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just replacd myself. it is pressed in. it will actually come out however it needs to be pressed back in.

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It is extremely important. A defecting hub assembly or wheel bearing can cause you to have an accident.

i just recently did this and its not easy lol. you have to completely remove the spindle from the car and press the wheel bearing out along with the hub assembly.

I know in my 1995 Accord my mechanic had to heat up the old bearing after removing 3 screws and then use a bearing puller to finally remove. The new ones then have to be pressed. I hope this helps tip: Timpkin Bearings are very good and most reasonably priced--I got both for less than $75

how do you change a 1998 Honda accord front wheel bearing

I've just started this process and I was OK until I got to the part where you separate the hub assembly and rotor from the steering Knuckle. I've removed all four bolts but can't separate the two. There are step by step instructions at

The Honda accord rear will bearing should be torqued at 60 pounds. You can ruin the wheel bearing or the wheel seal if you over torque the wheel bearing nut.

A front or rear hub bearing assembly going bad could sound like that.

I'm having my front Rotors replaced currently and according to my mechanic the front rotors are pressed onto the hub and require special equipment to remove and install. I assume the rear rotors are similar. If true, I would have a qualified shop handle the work.AnswerMine ended up being fused so tight that a mechanic had to break them off. He said it was common with Honda. I have a 96 EX accord as well Answer:The front brake rotors are NOT pressed on, on a 1996 Accord. They are captive with the hub bearing assembly. Removal requires removal of the drive axle nut, and dis-assembly of the lower part of the suspension, and removal of the hub bearing from the steering knuckle.There is no hydraulic press required, no special tools other than normal tools to separate the ball joint and tie rod, etc.The rear rotors remove normally when the caliper is removed. Use a large screwdriver to twist the piston in (instead of compressing it) when installing new pads on the rear.

If the rotor of the 2001 Honda Accord will does not have mounting hardware it is pressed on. To remove these types of rotors the caliper will have to be unmounted. The rotor will then come off.

what is the torque on front wheel bearings for 1998 honda accord

A front or rear hub bearing assembly going bad could sound like that.

Front studs on a 1999 Honda Accord are pressed in. First the studs must be removed using a hammer or press. Once remove each stud can be pressed in.

98 accord does not have a rear axle- just spindle/hub/bearing

they have to pressed out from a machine shop.

remove tire calipers brake assembly then pull your rotors off i would recomend putting new brake pads if your putting new rotors you will need a special puller for the rotors cause they are pressed on

The distributor assembly on a Honda Accord sends a spark to each engine cylinder at precise moments throughout the combustion cycle. It is controlled by the rotation of the cam shaft.

Remove the wiring harness from the back of the headlight. Remove the headlight assembly bolts. The headlight assembly will come out.

You have to have a special tool and it is very hard to find someone that has one. I couldn't find anyone in my town that had one so I had to bring it to the Honda dealer to get them to change it. It cost an arm and a leg to get it changed. you don't need any special tools to get the hub and bearing assembly out of the steering knuckle. because its not pressed in.. there is four bolts the hold the assembly on.....take the steering knuckle off turn it around and hold( do it on the lawn) whack it out of the knuckle with a sledge hammer... make sure you remove the four bolts first....and the whole hub and bearing assembly should fall out....then you can take the assmbly to a machine shaop and have the press out the bearing and hub because you will need the hub......if that's not something you want to do you can find the whole hub and bearing assembly with the studs its a direct fit no pressing involved..... eBay is where i got mine....... might as well do both and change your rotors while your at it and possibly your lower balljoints, 16 dollars remove snap ring and pound them out with your trusty sledge and pound the new ones back in......they come out and in easier then it sounds

No, but you have to remove the wheel assembly and transmission.

Open the hood to the engine compartment. Remove the headlight wiring harness. Remove the headlight assembly bolts. There are four headlight assembly bolts. The headlight assembly will come out.

remove dist and take it completely apart. You have to cut the old bearing off with a dremal tool then put it back together

take a baseball bat and smash the light with it.

You don't have a fuel filter on a 2004 Honda accord ,its in the fuel tank itself and not a separate fuel filter,

If it's the same as a '96 accord (which I bet it is), you need to remove the hub assembly and take it to a machine shop. The Bearings are large "press in" assemblies that Harry Homeowner can't handle.Replacing ft brake rotors = a trip to the machine shop too.Locate two 4x4 blocks of wood about 12 inches in length.Then find a good quality stove bolt for the middle of the berring.Use a brass punch to drive the berring wooden blocks each side of roter...:The 1994-1997 (and probably later) Accords have a hub bearing assembly which bolts in from behind the knuckle. (Machine shop not necessary). It is still a fairly involved job.It requires removal of the steering knuckle from the vehicle, loosen the four bolts that hold in the hub bearing, drive the hub bearing out. The brake rotor is captive between the front flange of the hub bearing and the knuckle. A machine shop is not required to remove it, but it does involve separating ball joints, tie rod, etc, and sometimes heating the knuckle with a torch in order to drive the bearing assembly out after the bolts are removed, as it is often seized in place by rust.

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