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No compression on all cylinders would indicate a broken cam belt. i think this motor has hydralic lifter, but for them to cause no compression it would be unlikly. when you say no do you mean none at all or low compression? a broken cam belt could be the cause if all cylinders have no compression. if the cylinders are down it could be bad valve seats (the point of contact between the valve and the head). if it is one or two cylinders it could be cracked head or cracked/broken head gasket. the only other possablilities are broken rings or broken piston. you need to know compression reading of all cylinders in a dry and wet situation. to do this 1:take the compesssion of a cylinder 2:then remove compression guage and squirt two good squirts of engine oil in the cylinder through the plug hole. 3:retake comperssion reading of cylinder. if the compression reading increases you have bad rings, if it doesnt the rings are fine. hope that helped and not confused you Geoff

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Q: Is the head bad if there is no compression or is it the oil pump that operates the lifters on a 1988 323?
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How do you change lifters on a 1995 jeep cherokee Laredo?

You have to remove the cylinder head(s) to access the lifters.You have to remove the cylinder head(s) to access the lifters.

How do you change lifters in a '91 Chevy Cavalier?

If we are talking about valve lifters, remove cylinder head and pushrods and lifters will be excessable.

How do you replace lifters on 1998 Jeep Cherokee with a 4.0l 6 cylinder?

You have to remove the cylinder head to access lifters.

How do you get to the lifters and tighten them on a 1999 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0 liter?

The lifters are not adjustable. The head has to be removed to access.

Does the head have to be removed to replace lifters in a 4.0 liter jeep engine?

i dont think they do, the lifters are right under the intake manifold

Do you need to pull the head on an 86 s-10 with a 2.5 to install new lifters?

No, just pull the intake manifold, thenfish the lifters out.

Will a blown head gasket affect hydraulic lifters?

it will cause the engine to overheat and also coolant to enter the oil system, which will in turn cause wear of the lifters.

How do you replace the lifters in a V8?

take off the bolts at the top of the piston head

How do you replace lifter in 4.0L jeep?

You have to remove the cylinder head to access the lifters.

99 Pontiac grand am is skipping on 2 cylinders?

Run a compression test. If compression is low you have either a blown head gasket or burned valves. If that's not the problem, check the plugs and wires. If that's not the problem, check the coil pack. Each coil pack operates two plugs.

If i replace a head gasket and resurface my head will it restore my compression and make my vehicle start and run?

You will have an improvement in engine performance and an increase in compression unless the compression rings on the pistons need replacement .

What does a Head Chef do?

overseas the way a kitchen operates

How do you repair a no compression in the number 2 cylinder of a 2003 Pontiac grand am?

No compression could mean a blown head gasket, cracked head or cylinder.

How do you lower engine compression?

You usually lower engine compression by using head spacers between the engine block and head or by using shorter pistons.

What is the clearance for the valves and lifters on a 1996 S-10 2.2 liter?

No adjustment can be made. The lifters are hydraulic. The rocker arm nuts are torqued to 19-22 ft lbs. If you have noisy lifters replacement is necessary. Replacing the lifters requires removal of the head. Be sure to also check cam and push rods for wear.

What is an example of compression science?

A example of a compression is a weight over a mans head. The man would of found out that his body was being compressed by the weight over his head.

91 escourt with a 1.9 antifreeze coming up around lifters?

you have a blown head gasket!!!

What will the compression ratio be on a D15B7 block with a D16Z6 head?

it depends on your head gasket. a d16y8 head gasket will work best for giving you the highest compression. as for the compression ratio.. i do not know. i would not worry about it since the power out put will be approximate to that of a d16z6 give or take a few hp.

How do you adjust the lifters in an 88 2.9 liter ranger?

take off head covers fill each lifter some will be loose tighting the ones that are loose turn on motor and you will hear and see the lifters that are loose tigten the loose lifters till noise goes away

What can you do when compression is low?

It depends on why the compression is low. Assuming you checked compression with a gauge causes could include a stuck valve or valves, blown head gasket, cracked head or bad rings and seals. Repair requirements in order are a valve job, a new head gasket installation, a new or rebuilt head, a new or rebuilt engine.

Ticking noise in a 1989 Mazda mx6 gt turbo?

it is the lifters, so you will need to change the head

How do you know if the head is blown on a mower motor?

Lack of compression

How do you determine if your car has a blown head?

run compression check on it

When priming a new crate motor why does only one head prime but not the other?

cause the lifters are not pumped up?

How do you lower the lifters on a 1994 Chevy S-10?

You don't. You use a shim between the block and head.